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A Pivotal Moment in American Sports

Nicholson, James C.


A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era, Vol. 2

Political Arguments

Mackey, Thomas C.


A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era, Vol. 3

Judicial Decisions, 1857-1866

Mackey, Thomas C.


A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era, Vol. 4

Judicial Decisions, 1867-1896

Mackey, Thomas C.


A Documentary History of the Civil War Era, Volume 1

Legislative Achievements

Mackey, Thomas C.


A Familiar Wilderness

Searching for Home on Daniel Boone's Road

Dahlman, S. J.


A Nation Forged in War

How World War II Taught Americans to Get Along

Bruscino, Thomas


A Potter's Progress

Emanuel Suter and the Business of Craft

Suter, Scott Hamilton


A Yankee Horseman in the Shenandoah Valley

The Civil War Letters of John H. Black, Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry

Coles, David J., and Stephen D. Engle, eds.


Addicts Who Survived

An Oral History of Narcotic Use in America before 1965

Courtwright, David T., Herman Joseph, and Don Des Jarlais


Agee at 100

Centennial Essays on the Works of James Agee

Lofaro, Michael, ed.


Ahead of Her Time in Yesteryear

Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman Comes of Age in a Southern African American Family

Mack-Shelton, Kibibi V.


All-American Redneck

Variations on an Icon, from James Fenimore Cooper to the Dixie Chicks

Ferrence, Matthew


Altogether Fitting and Proper

Civil War Battlefield Preservation in History, Memory, and Policy, 1861–2015

Smith, Timothy B.


Ambrose Bierce and the Dance of Death

Talley, Sharon


Andrew Johnson's Civil War and Reconstruction

Bergeron, Paul


Androgynous Democracy

Modern American Literature and the Dual-Sexed Body Politic

Shaheen, Aaron


Apostle of the Lost Cause

J. William Jones, Baptists, and the Development of Confederate Memory

Moore, Christopher C.


Appalachian Gateway

An Anthology of Contemporary Stories and Poetry

Brosi, George, and Kate Egerton, eds.


Appalachians All

East Tennesseans and the Elusive History of an American Region

Banker, Mark T.


Archaeological Adaptation

Case Studies of Cultural Transformation from the Southeast and Caribbean

Boyd Jr, Clifford C., editor


Archaeology, Narrative, and the Politics of the Past

The View from Southern Maryland

King, Julia A.


Architectural Ragtime

The Houses of Geo. F. Barber and Co.

DiMattei, Chris and Michael D. Alcorn


Arming the Nation for War

Mobilization, Supply, and the American War Effort in World War II

Patterson, Robert P.


At Home and Abroad

Historicizing Twentieth-Century Whiteness in Literature and Performance

Jennings, La Vinia Delois, ed.


Athens of the New South

College Life and the Making of Modern Nashville

Pethel, Mary Ellen


Backcountry Makers

An Artisan History of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee

White, Betsy K.


Been Coming through Some Hard Times

Race, History, and Memory in Western Kentucky

Glazier, Jack


Before Harlem

An Anthology of African American Literature from the Long Nineteenth Century

Mance, Ajuan M.


Beowulf and the Appositive Style

Robinson, Fred C.


Black Power in the Bluff City

African American Youth and Student Activism in Memphis, 1965-1975

Kinchen, Shirletta


Boys at Home

Discipline, Masculinity, and "The Boy-Problem" in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Parille, Ken


Cades Cove

The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community, 1818-1937

Dunn, Durwood


Cannon Mills and Kannapolis

Persistent Paternalism in a Textile Town

Vanderburg, Timothy W.


Cas Walker

Stories on His Life and Legend

Hodge, Joshua S., editor


Celluloid Chains

Slavery in the Americas through Film

Alcocer, Rudyard J., Kristen Block, and Dawn Duke, eds.


Change and Conflict in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps since 1945

Loveland, Anne C.


Characteristically American

Memorial Architecture, National Identity, and the Egyptian Revival

Giguere, Joy


Chasing the Wind

Inside the Alternative Energy Battle

Johnson, Rody


Chattanooga, 1865-1900

A City Set Down in Dixie

Ezzell, Tim


Circus Life

Performing and Laboring under America's Big Top Shows, 1830–1920

Childress, Micah D.


City Behind a Fence

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1942-1946

Johnson, Charles W., and Charles O. Jackson


Civil War Flags of Tennessee

Cox, Stephen Douglas


Confederate Combat Commander

The Remarkable Life of Brigadier General Alfred Jefferson Vaughan, Jr.

Peterson, Lawrence K.


Confederate Generals in the Trans-Mississippi, Vol. 1

Essays on America's Civil War

Hewitt, Lawrence L., with Arthur W. Bergeron and Thomas E. Schott, eds.


Confederate Generals in the Trans-Mississippi, Volume 3

Essays on America's Civil War

Hewitt, Lawrence Lee and Thomas E. Schott


Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 1

Classic Essays on America's Civil War

Hewitt, Lawrence Lee, and Arthur W. Bergeron Jr., eds.


Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 2

Essays on America's Civil War

Hewitt, Lawrence L., and Arthur W. Bergeron, eds.


Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 3

Essays on America's Civil War

Hewitt, Lawrence L., and Arthur W. Bergeron Jr., eds.


Confederate Generals in the Western Theater, Vol. 4

Essays on America's Civil War

Hewitt, Lawrence and Thomas E. Schott


Cormac McCarthy's Violent Destinies

The Poetics of Determinism and Fatalism

Bannon, Brad and John Vanderheide, eds.


Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Volume 1, 1857–1875

Cilella, Salvatore G., editor


Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Volume 2, 1875–1881

Cilella, Salvatore G., editor


Crime of the Century

The Kennedy Assassination from a Historian's Perspective

Kurtz, Michael L.


Crossing B(l)ack

Mixed-Race Identity in Modern American Fiction and Culture

Dagbovie-Mullins, Sika A.


D-Day Remembered

The Normandy Landings in American Collective Memory

Dolski, Michael


David Schenck and the Contours of Confederate Identity

Steward, Rodney


Day Hiking the Daniel Boone National Forest

Molloy, Johnny


Dear Courier

The Civil War Correspondence of Editor Melvin Dwinell

Risley, Ford, ed.


Decisions at Chattanooga

The Nineteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Peterson, Larry


Decisions at Chickamauga

The Twenty-Four Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Powell, Dave


Decisions at Gettysburg

The Nineteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Campaign

Spruill, Matt


Decisions at Second Manassas

The Fourteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Spruill, Matt and Matt Spruill IV


Decisions at Stones River

The Sixteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Spruill, Matt and Lee Spruill


Decisions at The Wilderness and Spotsylvania Court House

The Eighteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battles

Townsend, Dave


Decisions of the 1862 Kentucky Campaign

The Twenty-seven Critical Decisions That Defined the Operation

Peterson, Larry


Decisions of the Atlanta Campaign

The Twenty-One Critical Decisions That Defined the Operation

Peterson, Larry


Delta Fragments

The Recollections of a Sharecropper's Son

Hodges, John O.



Race and Professional Basketball in the Deep South, 1947-1979

Aiello, Thomas


Doing the Word

Southern Baptists’ Carver School of Church Social Work and Its Predecessors, 1907-1997

Scales, T. Laine and Melody Maxwell


East Tennessee Newsmakers

Where Are They Now?

Vines, Georgiana


Eastern Band Cherokee Women

Cultural Persistence in Their Letters and Speeches

Carney, Virginia Moore


Edward Terry Sanford

A Tennessean on the U.S. Supreme Court

Slater, Stephanie L.


Ephemeral by Nature

Exploring the Exceptional with a Tennessee Naturalist

Bales, Stephen Lyn


Experiencing Service-Learning

Kronick, Robert F., Robert B. Cunningham, and Michele Gourley


Eyewitness to Genocide

The Operation Reinhard Death Camp Trials, 1955-1966

Bryant, Michael


Face Boss

The Memoir of a Western Kentucky Coal Miner

Guillerman, Michael D.


Feasting with Shellfish in the Southern Ohio Valley

Archaic Sacred Sites and Rituals

Claassen, Cheryl


Field Guide to the Lichens of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Tripp, Erin and James Lendemer


Folk Music in Overdrive

A Primer on Traditional Country and Bluegrass Artists

Tribe, Ivan


For Duty and Honor

Tennessee's Mexican War Experience

Johnson, Timothy D.


Forsaking All Others

A True Story of Interracial Sex and Revenge in the 1880s South

Robinson, Charles F.


Freedom's Delay

America's Struggle for Emancipation, 1776Ð1865

Carden, Allen


From Alice to Algernon

The Evolution of Child Consciousness in the Novel

Blackford, Holly


From Boss Crump to King Willie

How Race Changed Memphis Politics

Sanford, Otis


Full Court Press

How Pat Summitt, a High School Basketball Player, and a Legal Team Changed the Game

Haltom, Bill and Amanda Swanson


Fundamentalism, Fundraising, and the Transformation of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919–1925

Smith, Andrew C.


General Hylan B. Lyon

A Kentucky Confederate and the War in the West

Lee, Dan


Ghost Birds

Jim Tanner and the Quest for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, 1935-1941

Bales, Stephen Lyn


Goodbye Christ?

Christianity, Masculinity, and the New Negro Renaissance

Powers, Peter Kerry


Government and Politics in Tennessee, Second Edition

Lyons, William, John M. Scheb II, William K. Stair, and Joseph Gregory Jarret


Hard-Fighting Soldiers

A History of African American Churches of Christ

Robinson, Edward J.


Hawk's Nest

A Novel

Skidmore, Hubert


Hero Strong and Other Stories

Tales of Girlhood Ambition, Female Masculinity, and Women's Worldly Achievement in Antebellum America

Gibson, Mary F. W.; edited by Daniel Cohen


Hiking Trails of the Great Smoky Mountains, 2nd edition

A Comprehensive Guide

Wise, Kenneth


Historical Archaeology of Arkansas

A Hidden Diversity

Drexler, Carl


Historical Archaeology of the Delaware Valley, 1600-1850

Veit, Richard, and David Orr, eds.


Hoffa in Tennessee

The Chattanooga Trial That Brought Down an Icon

Nicely, Maury


Ice 'n' Go

Score in Sports and Life

Moshak, Jenny and Debby Schriver


In Memory of Self and Comrades

Thomas Wallace Colley's Recollections of Civil War Service in the 1st Virginia Cavalry

Shaffer, Michael K.


In the House of the Serpent Handler

A Story of Faith and Fleeting Fame in the Age of Social Media

Duin, Julia


In the Shadow of Boone and Crockett

Race, Culture, and the Politics of Representation in the Upland South

Hartman, Ian C.



Highway Politics and Policy Since 1939

Rose, Mark H., and Raymond A. Mohl


Into the Classroom

A Practical Guide for Starting Student Teaching

McKeown, Rosalyn


Investigating Our Experience in the World

A Primer on Qualitative Inquiry

Morgan, April


John C. Brown of Tennessee

Rebel, Redeemer, and Railroader

Elliott, Sam D.


John Dooley's Civil War

An Irish American's Journey in the First Virginia Infantry Regiment

Curran, Robert Emmett


John Edgar Wideman and Modernity

A Critical Dialogue

Feith, Michel


John George Nicolay

The Man in Lincoln’s Shadow

Carden, Allen and Thomas J. Ebert


Journal of a Georgia Woman, 1870-1872

Andrews, Eliza Frances


Journeys into the Mind of the World

A Book of Places

Tillinghast, Richard


Kentucky Countryside in Transition

A Streetcar Suburb and the Origins of Middle-Class Louisville, 1850–1910

Bower, Stephanie


Last to Leave the Field

The Life and Letters of First Sergeant Ambrose Henry Hayward, 28th Pennsylvania Volunteers

Orr, Timothy J.


Late Night, Early Morning


Wier, Allen


Lee and His Generals

Essays in Honor of T. Harry Williams

Hewitt, Lawrence Lee, and Thomas E. Schott, eds.


Lee and Jackson's Bloody Twelfth

The Letters of Irby Goodwin Scott, First Lieutenant, Company G, Putnam Light Infantry, Twelfth Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Pearson, Johnnie Perry, ed.


Liminal Zones

Where Lakes End and Rivers Begin

Trevathan, Kim


Lincoln Memorial University and the Shaping of Appalachia

Hess, Earl J.


London Bridge in Plague and Fire

A Novel

Madden, David


Lucky Joe's Namesake

The Extraordinary Life and Observations of Joe Wilson

Wilson, Joe


Making an Atlantic World

Circles, Paths, and Stories from the Colonial South

Carson, James Taylor


Marble Goddesses and Mortal Flesh

Madden, David


Massacre at Cavett's Station

Frontier Tennessee during the Cherokee Wars

Faulkner, Charles H.


Melancholia and Maturation

The Use of Trauma in American Children's Literature

Tribunella, Eric L.


Men in German Uniform

POWs in America during World War II

Thompson, Antonio


Mississippian Smoking Ritual in the Southern Appalachian Region

Blanton, Dennis B.


Mockingbird Grows Up

Re-Reading Harper Lee since Watchman

Reutter, Cheli and Jonathan S. Cullick, editors


Mockingbird Passing

Closeted Traditions and Sexual Curiosities in Harper Lee's Novel

Blackford, Holly


Mountain Homespun

Goodrich, Frances Louisa


Mountaineers in Gray

The Nineteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

Fowler, John D.


Murphy Station

A Memoir from the American South

Donovan, David


NAACP Youth and the Fight for Black Freedom, 1936-1965

Bynum, Thomas


Nashville Architecture

A Guide to the City

Van West, Carroll


Native American Log Cabins in the Southeast

Waselkov, Gregory A., editor


Never Been Rich

The Life and Work of a Southern Ruralist Writer, Harry Harrison Kroll

Saunders, Richard


New South Indians

Tribal Economics and the Eastern Band of Cherokee in the Twentieth Century

Oakley, Christopher Arris


New Worlds of Violence

Cultures and Conquests in the Early American Southeast

Jennings, Matthew


North Carolina English, 1861-1865

A Guide and Glossary

Ellis, Michael E.


North Carolina's Experience during the First World War

McKinley, Shepherd W. and Steven Sabol, eds.


Notes of the Mexican War, 1846-1848

Oswandel, J. Jacob


On a Great Battlefield

The Making, Management, and Memory of Gettysburg National Military Park, 1933-2012

Murray, Jennifer M.


On Duty in the Pacific Northwest during the Civil War

Correspondence and Reminiscences of the First Oregon Cavalry Regiment

James Jewell


On Harper Lee

Essays and Reflections

Hall Petry, Alice ed.


One Homogeneous People

Narratives of White Southern Identity, 1890-1920

Watts, Trent A.


Overton Park

A People's History

Lamb, Brooks


Paintbrush for Hire

The Travels of James and Emma Cameron, 1840–1900

Moffatt, Frederick C.


Pauline Hopkins and the American Dream

An African American Writer's (Re)Visionary Gospel of Success

Knight, Alisha


People of the Rainbow

A Nomadic Utopia

Niman, Michael I.


People of the Upper Cumberland

Achievements and Contradictions

Dickinson, William Calvin and Michael E. Birdwell, eds.


Phantom Signs

The Muse in Universe City

Brady, Philip


Phillis Wheatley and the Romantics

Shields, John C.


Pinstripe Nation

The New York Yankees in American Culture

Bishop, Will


Powerhouse for God

Speech, Chant, and Song in an Appalachian Baptist Church

Titon, Jeff Todd


Presbyterians in North Carolina

Race, Politics, and Religious Identity in Historical Perspective

Conser Jr., Walter H. and Robert J. Cain


Press, Platform, Pulpit

Black Feminist Publics in the Era of Reform

Zackodnik, Teresa


Rac(e)Ing To The Right

Selected Essays George S. Schuyler

Schuyler, George S.


Race Patriotism

Protest and Print Culture in the A.M.E. Church

Bailey, Julius H.


Race, Economics, and the Politics of Educational Change

The Dynamics of School District Consolidation in Shelby County, Tennessee

Amis, John M. and Paul M. Wright, eds.


Race, Rape, and Injustice

Documenting and Challenging Death Penalty Cases in the Civil Rights Era

Foerster, Barrett J., edited and with a foreword by Michael Meltsner


Record of the Organizations Engaged in the Campaign, Siege, and Defense of Vicksburg

Kountz, John S.


Rediscovering Fort Sanders

The American Civil War and Its Impact on Knoxville's Cultural Landscape

Faulkner, Terry and Charles H. Faulkner


Refugitta of Richmond

The Wartime Recollections, Grave and Gay, of Constance Cary Harrison

Hughes, Nathaniel Cheairs Jr., and S. Kittrell Rushing, eds.


Religion of Fear

The True Story of the Church of God of the Union Assembly

Cady, David


Remembering Roadside America

Preserving the Recent Past as Landscape and Place

Jakle, John A., and Keith A. Sculle


Reminiscences of an Old Georgia Lawyer

Judge Garnett Andrews

Rushing, S. Kittrell, ed.


Restoration and Philosophy

New Philosophical Engagements with the Stone-Campbell Tradition

Clanton, J. Caleb, editor


Rethinking Shiloh

Myth and Memory

Smith, Timothy B.


Roots Music in America

Collected Writings of Joe Wilson

Wilson, Joe



James Agee in Tennessee

Brown, Paul F.


Ruined by This Miserable War

The Dispatches of Charles Prosper Fauconnet, a French Diplomat in New Orleans, 1863-1868

Brasseaux, Carl A., and Katherine Carmines Mooney, eds.


Samuel Stouffer and the GI Survey

Sociologists and Soldiers during the Second World War

Ryan, Joseph W.


Searching for Woody Guthrie

A Personal Exploration of the Folk Singer, His Music, and His Politics

Briley, Ron


Seeds of Change

Critical Essays on Barbara Kingsolver

Leder, Priscilla ed.


Seeing Suffrage

The 1913 Washington Suffrage Parade, Its Pictures, and Its Effects on the American Political Landscape

Stovall, James Glen



In Hell before Night

McDonough, James Lee


Signs, Cures, and Witchery

German Appalachian Folklore

Milnes, Gerald C.



The German Adventurer

von Grimmelshausen, Hans Jacob Christoffel


Small Wars

Low-Intensity Threats and the American Response since Vietnam

Gambone, Michael



The True Stories behind the University of Tennessee's Beloved Mascot

Mattingly, Thomas J. and Earl C. Hudson


Southern Appalachian Farm Cooking

A Memoir of Food and Family

Netherland, Robert


Southern Crossings

Poetry, Memory, and the Transcultural South

Turner, Daniel Cross


Southern Women Novelists and the Civil War

Trauma and Collective Memory in the American Literary Tradition since 1861

Talley, Sharon


Spectrality in the Novels of Toni Morrison

Anderson, Melanie R.


Sport Is Life with the Volume Turned Up

Lessons Learned That Apply to Business and Life

Cronan, Joan and Rob Schriver


St. Mark's and the Social Gospel

Methodist Women and Civil Rights in New Orleans, 1895-1965

Blue, Ellen


Summer Lightning

A Guide to the Second Battle of Manassas

Spruill, Matt III, and Matt Spruill IV


Summer Thunder

A Battlefield Guide to the Artillery at Gettysburg

Spruill IV, Matt



Organizing the Southern Textile Industry, 1930–1934

Byrd, Travis Sutton


Taproots of Tennessee

Historic Sites and Timeless Recipes

Patterson, Lynne Drysdale


Teaching Olaudah Equiano's Narrative

Pedagogical Strategies and New Perspectives

Lamore, Eric D.


Tennessee Log Buildings

A Folk Tradition

Rehder, John B.


Tennessee Tragedies

Natural, Technological, and Societal Disasters in the Volunteer State

Coggins, Allen R.


Tennessee's Experience during the First World War

Birdwell, Michael E., editor


Terra Incognita

An Annotated Bibliography of the Great Smoky Mountains, 1544-1934

Bridges, Anne, Russell Clement, and Ken Wise


The Action-Adventure Heroine

Rediscovering an American Literary Character, 1697–1895

Smith, Sandra Wilson


The American War in Viet Nam

Cultural Memories at the Turn of the Century

Eastman, Susan Lyn


The Civil War in Southern Appalachian Methodism

Dunn, Durwood


The Collected Works of Jupiter Hammon

May, Cedrick


The Dark Corner

A Novel

Powell, Mark


The Diary of Nannie Haskins Williams

A Southern Woman's Story of Rebellion and Reconstruction, 1863-1890

Uffelman, Minoa, Ellen Kanervo, Phyllis Smith, and Eleanor Williams, eds.


The East Tennessee Veterans Memorial

A Pictorial History of the Names on the Wall, Their Service, and Their Sacrifice

Romeiser, John B. and Jack H. McCall, Jr.


The Ebony Column

Classics, Civilization, and the African American Reclamation of the West

Hairston, Eric Ashley


The Farm Security Administration and Rural Rehabilitation in the South

Roberts, Charles Kenneth


The Fenians

Irish Rebellion in the North Atlantic World, 1858Ð1876

Steward, Patrick, and Bryan McGovern


The Fiction of Gloria Naylor

Houses and Spaces of Resistance

Montgomery, Maxine Lavon


The GI Bill Boys

A Memoir

Suberman, Stella


The Hippies and American Values

Miller, Timothy S.


The Ideological Origins of African American Literature

Richards, Phillip M.


The Jefferson National Forest

An Appalachian Environmental History

Sarvis, Will


The Knoxville Campaign

Burnside and Longstreet in East Tennessee

Hess, Earl J.


The Land Between the Lakes

A Geography of the Forgotten Future

Foresta, Ronald A.


The Last Bizarre Tale

Stories by David Madden

Madden, David


The Legacy of American Copper Smelting

Industrial Heritage versus Environmental Policy

Morin, Bode J.


The Legacy of the Moral Tale

Children's Literature and the English Novel, 1744-1859

Fleming, Patrick C.


The Letters of General Richard S. Ewell

Stonewall's Successor

Pfanz, Donald C.


The Life and Wars of Gideon J. Pillow

Hughes Jr., Nathaniel Cheairs


The Limits of Literary Historicism

Dunn, Allen and Thomas Haddox, eds.


The Long Civil War in the North Georgia Mountains

Confederate Nationalism, Sectionalism, and White Supremacy in Bartow County, Georgia

Hébert, Keith


The Making of an American

The Autobiography of a Hungarian Immigrant, Appalachian Entrepreneur, and OSS Officer

Himler, Martin edited by Cathy Cassady Corbin


The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It

The Memoir of Jo Ann Gibson Robinson

Robinson, Jo Ann Gibson


The Philosophy of Religion of Alexander Campbell

Clanton, J. Caleb


The Prettiest Girl on Stage Is a Man

Race and Gender Benders in American Vaudeville

Casey, Kathleen B.


The Rise and Fall of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union in Arkansas

Ross Jr., James D.


The Spirit of the Appalachian Trail

Community, Environment, and Belief on a Long-Distance Hiking Path

Bratton, Susan Power


The Springfield Gas Machine

Illuminating Industry and Leisure, 1860s-1920s

Linebaugh, Donald W.


The Terra Incognita Reader

Early Writings from The Great Smoky Mountains

Bridges, Anne, Russell Clement, and Ken Wise, eds.


The Wanderer in African American Literature

Chandler, Gena E.


The World War I Memoirs of Robert P. Patterson

A Captain in the Great War

Clifford, Gary J.


To the Battles of Franklin and Nashville and Beyond

Stabilization and Reconstruction in Tennessee and Kentucky, 1864Ð1866

Cooling, Benjamin Franklin


Tuckaleechee Cove

A Passage through Time

Norrell, Robert J. and Boyce N. Driskell


U.S. Steel and Gary, West Virginia

Corporate Paternalism in Appalachia

Garay, Ronald G.


Ulster to America

The Scots-Irish Migration Experience, 1680Ð1830

Hofstra, Warren R., ed.



Labor, Folk, and Carolina Culture in the Textile Strikes of 1929

Byrd, Travis Sutton


Valleys of the Shadow

The Memoir of Confederate Captain Reuben G. Clark

Clark, Willene B.


Victims, 2nd edition

A True Story of the Civil War with New Preface

Paludan, Phillip Shaw


Virginia Broughton

The Life and Writings of a Missionary

Carter, Tomeiko Ashford


Voice of Glory

The Life and Work of Davis Grubb

Douglass, Thomas E.


Voices from the Nueva Frontera

Latino Immigration in Dalton, Georgia

Davis, Donald E., Thomas M. Deaton, David P. Boyle, and Jo-Anne Schick, eds.


Warning! This Product Contains Nuttiness

A Fun Look at the Bizarre World in Which We Live

Venable, Sam


We Are in His Hands Whether We Live or Die

The Letters of Brevet Brigadier General Charles Henry Howard

Thomson, David K.


Well-Nigh Reconstructed

A Political Novel

Matthews, Brinsely and Paul D. Yandle, editor


Whispering in the Daylight

The Children of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and Their Journey to Freedom

Schriver, Debby


White Collar Radicals

TVA's Knoxville Fifteen, the New Deal, and the McCarthy Era

Purcell, Aaron D.


William Strickland and the Creation of an American Architecture

Russell, Robert


Wonderful Weeds and Various Varmints

The Natural World in Our Backyards and Beyond

Collier, Bob


Working for Peace and Justice

Memoirs of an Activist Intellectual

Wittner, Lawrence S.


World's Fairs in a Southern Accent

Atlanta, Nashville, and Charleston, 1895-1902

Harvey, Bruce G.


Writing West Virginia

Place, People, and Poverty in Contemporary Literature from the Mountain State

Creasman, Boyd