What’s on Sale?

A Smoky Mountain Boyhood

Memories, Musings, and More

Casada, Jim

Against the Current

Paddling Upstream on the Tennessee River

Trevathan, Kim

Appalachia's Alternative to Mainstream America

A Personal Education

Salstrom, Paul

From Batboy to Congressman

Thirty Years in the U.S. House

Duncan Jr., John

Horace Kephart


Frizzell, George and Mae Miller Claxton, eds.

Liars, Damn Liars, and Storytellers

Essays on Traditional and Contemporary Storytelling

Sobol, Joseph

Lost in Transition

Removing, Resettling, and Renewing Appalachia

Purcell, Aaron

On Barbecue

Reed, John Shelton

Peace in the Mountains

Northern Appalachian Students Protest the Vietnam War

Weyant, Thomas

The Primary That Made a President

John F. Kennedy and West Virginia

Rupp, Robert O.

Through the Mountains

The French Broad River and Time

Ross, John E.

Voices Worth the Listening

Three Women of Appalachia

Burton, Thomas