T.S. Stribling

A Life of the Tennessee Novelist

Vickers, Kenneth W.


Tandem Lives

The Frontier Texas Diaries of Henrietta Baker Embree and Tennessee Keys Embree, 1856-1884

Wink, Amy L.



Organizing the Southern Textile Industry, 1930–1934

Byrd, Travis Sutton


Taproots of Tennessee

Historic Sites and Timeless Recipes

Patterson, Lynne Drysdale


Teaching Olaudah Equiano's Narrative

Pedagogical Strategies and New Perspectives

Lamore, Eric D.


Tellico Archaeology, 3rd Edition

12,000 Years of Native American History

Chapman, Jefferson


Tennesseans and Their History

Bergeron, Paul H., Stephen V. Ash, and Jeanette Keith


Tennessee Delta Quiltmaking

Klassen, Teri


Tennessee Farming, Tennessee Farmers

Antebellum Agriculture in the Upper South

Winters, Donald L.


Tennessee Hiking Guide

Tennessee Chapter, Sierra Club

Brandt, Robert S.


Tennessee Log Buildings

A Folk Tradition

Rehder, John B.


Tennessee Political Humor

Some of These Jokes You Voted For

Herron, Roy, and L. H. “Cotton” Ivy


Tennessee Rivers

A Paddler's Guidebook

Lantz, Bob


Tennessee State Symbols, 2nd edition

Simbeck, Rob


Tennessee Strings

The Story of Country Music inTennessee

Wolfe, Charles K.


Tennessee Tragedies

Natural, Technological, and Societal Disasters in the Volunteer State

Coggins, Allen R.


Tennessee Women in the Progressive Era

Toward the Public Sphere in the New South

Evins, Mary A.


Tennessee's Experience during the First World War

Birdwell, Michael E., editor


Tennessee's Forgotten Warriors

Frank Cheatham and His Confederate Division

Losson, Christopher


Tennessee's Historic Landscapes

A Traveler's Guide

West, Carroll Van


Tennessee's Indian Peoples

From White Contact to Removal 1540-1840

Satz, Ronald N.


Tennessee's New Abolitionists

The Fight to End the Death Penalty in the Volunteer State

Sayward, Amy L., and Margaret Vandiver, eds.


Tennessee's New Deal Landscape

A Guidebook

West, Carroll Van


Tennessee's Presidents

Tennessee Three Star Series

Williams, Jr., Frank B.


Tennessee's Radical Army

The State Guard and its Role in Reconstruction, 1867-1869

Severance, Ben H.


Terra Incognita

An Annotated Bibliography of the Great Smoky Mountains, 1544-1934

Bridges, Anne, Russell Clement, and Ken Wise


The Action-Adventure Heroine

Rediscovering an American Literary Character, 1697–1895

Smith, Sandra Wilson


The Adena People

Foreword By James B. Griffin

Webb, William S., and Charles E. Snow


The Adventures of Douglas Bragg

A Novel

Jones, Madison


The African Queen and the Night of the Hunter

First and Final Screenplays

Couchman, Jeffrey


The Afternoon Hiker

A Guide to Casual Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains

Stepp, J. L., and Lin Stepp


The American Aeneas

Classical Origins of the American Self

Shields, John C.


The American War in Viet Nam

Cultural Memories at the Turn of the Century

Eastman, Susan Lyn


The Amphibians of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Dodd, Kenneth C.


The Amphibians of Tennessee

Niemiller, Matthew, and R. Graham Reynolds, eds.


The Appalachian Frontier

America's First Surge Westward

Caruso, John Anthony


The Art of Anthropology / The Anthropology of Art

Lundy, Brandon


The Art of College Teaching

Twenty-eight Takes

Kallet, Marilyn, and April Morgan, eds.


The Arts and the American Home, 1890-1930

Foy, Jessica H., and Karal Ann Marling, eds.


The Atomic Bomb and American Society

New Perspectives

Mariner, Rosemary B., and G. Kurt Piehler, eds.


The Backcountry Towns of Colonial Virginia

Hendricks, Christopher E.


The Battle of Shiloh and the Organizations Engaged

Reed, D.W.


The Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga and the Organizations Engaged

Boynton, Henry V.


The Best Short Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains

Wise, Kenneth, and James Andrews


The Black Spiritual Movement, 2nd Edition

A Religious Response to Racism

Baer, Hans A.


The Blue Ridge Parkway

Jolley, Harley E.


The Bodhrán

Experimentation, Innovation, and the Traditional Irish Frame Drum

Harte, Colin


The Bone Hunters

The Discovery of Miocene Fossils in Gray, Tennessee

Moore, Harry L.


The Burden of Brown

Thirty Years School Desegregation

Wolters, Raymond


The Burden of Busing

The Politics of Desegregation in Nashville, Tennessee

Pride, Richard A., and J. David Woodward


The Burden of Confederate Diplomacy

Hubbard, Charles M.


The Celluloid South

Hollywood and the Southern Myth

Campbell, Edward D.C.


The Centennial Alumni of the University of Tennessee

Sicking, Jennifer and Gina Stafford, eds.


The Cherokee Indian Nation

A Troubled History

King, Duane H.


The Church of God

A Social History

Crews, Mickey


The Citizens of Zion

Social Origins of Camp Meeting Revivalism

Eslinger, Ellen


The Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee

A Narrative History

Lovett, Bobby L.


The Civil War in Appalachia

Collected Essays

Noe, Kenneth W., and Shannon H. Wilson, eds.


The Civil War in Southern Appalachian Methodism

Dunn, Durwood


The Collected Works of Jupiter Hammon

May, Cedrick


The Dark Corner

A Novel

Powell, Mark


The Devil's Topographer

Ambrose Bierce and the American War Story

Owens, David M.


The Diary of Nannie Haskins Williams

A Southern Woman's Story of Rebellion and Reconstruction, 1863-1890

Uffelman, Minoa, Ellen Kanervo, Phyllis Smith, and Eleanor Williams, eds.


The Diary of Serepta Jordan

A Southern Woman's Struggle with War and Family, 1857–1864

Uffelman, Minoa D., Ellen Kanervo, Phyllis Smith, and Eleanor Williams, eds.


The East Tennessee Veterans Memorial

A Pictorial History of the Names on the Wall, Their Service, and Their Sacrifice

Romeiser, John B. and Jack H. McCall, Jr.


The Eastern Band of Cherokees


Finger, John R.


The Ebony Column

Classics, Civilization, and the African American Reclamation of the West

Hairston, Eric Ashley


The Enduring Lost Cause

Afterlives of a Redeemer Nation

Crowther, Edward R., editor


The Escape

A Leap for Freedom

Brown, William Wells


The Fall of the Republic and Other Political Satires

Bierce, Ambrose


The Fenians

Irish Rebellion in the North Atlantic World, 1858Ð1876

Steward, Patrick, and Bryan McGovern


The Fiction of Gloria Naylor

Houses and Spaces of Resistance

Montgomery, Maxine Lavon


The Fiction of Paule Marshall

Reconstructions of History, Culture, and Gender

Denniston, Dorothy Hamer


The Final Battles of the Petersburg Campaign

Breaking the Backbone of the Rebellion

Greene, A. Wilson


The Final Season

The Perseverance of Pat Summitt

Cornelius, Maria M.


The Freshwater Mussels of Tennessee

Parmalee, Paul W., and Arthur E. Bogan


The Galax Gatherers

The Gospel among the Highlanders

Guerrant, Edward O.


The Garage

Automobility and Building Innovation in America's Early Auto Age

Jakle, John and Keith Sculle


The GI Bill Boys

A Memoir

Suberman, Stella


The Golden Age of Battlefield Preservation

The Decade of the 1890's and the Establishment of America's First Five Military Parks

Smith, Timothy B.


The Great Smokies

From Natural Habitat to National Park

Pierce, Daniel S.


The Haitian Revolution 1789-1804

Ott, Thomas O.


The Heart of Revolution

The Radical Life and Novels of Olive Dargan

Ackerman, Kathy Cantley


The High Priests of American Politics

The Role of Lawyers in American Political Institutions

Miller, Mark C.


The Hippies and American Values

Miller, Timothy S.


The Historic Cumberland Plateau, 2nd Edition

An Explorer's Guide

Manning, Russ


The Hour of Our Nation's Agony

The Civil War Letters of Lt. William Cowper Nelson of Mississippi

Ford, Jennifer


The Ideological Origins of African American Literature

Richards, Phillip M.


The Jackson Project

War in the American Workplace: A Memoir

Cohen, Phil


The Jefferson National Forest

An Appalachian Environmental History

Sarvis, Will


The Killing Time

The Morant Bay Rebellion in Jamaica

Heuman, Gad


The Knoxville Campaign

Burnside and Longstreet in East Tennessee

Hess, Earl J.


The Land Between the Lakes

A Geography of the Forgotten Future

Foresta, Ronald A.


The Last Billion Years

A Geologic History of Tennessee

Byerly, Don W.


The Last Bizarre Tale

Stories by David Madden

Madden, David


The Last Book

Pickering, Sam


The Legacy of American Copper Smelting

Industrial Heritage versus Environmental Policy

Morin, Bode J.


The Legacy of St. George Tucker

College Professors in Virginia Confront Slavery and Rights of States, 1771–1897

Vanderford, Chad


The Legacy of Tamar

Courage and Faith in an African American Family

Springfield, Raye


The Legacy of Tamar, 2nd edition

Courage, Faith, and the Common Road of Hope in an African American Community

Springfield, Raye


The Legacy of the Moral Tale

Children's Literature and the English Novel, 1744-1859

Fleming, Patrick C.


The Letters of General Richard S. Ewell

Stonewall's Successor

Pfanz, Donald C.


The Letters of Jean Toomer, 1919-1924

Whalan, Mark, ed.


The Life and Adventures [or Sketches and Eccentricities] of Colonel David Crockett, of West Tennessee.

Lofaro, Michael A., ed.


The Life and Times of Ray Hicks

Keeper of the Jack Tales

Salsi, Lynn


The Life and Wars of Gideon J. Pillow

Hughes Jr., Nathaniel Cheairs


The Life and Work of Ernest A. Pickup

St. John, Beverly P. and Gary A. Webb


The Life of Jedidiah Morse

A Station of Peculiar Exposure

Moss, Richard J.


The Life, Art, and Times of Joseph Delaney, 1904Ð1991

Moffatt, Frederick C.


The Limits of Literary Historicism

Dunn, Allen and Thomas Haddox, eds.


The Limits of Tyranny

Delle, James A.


The Lonely Road

Ultimate Sacrifices

Moore, Harry L.


The Long Civil War in the North Georgia Mountains

Confederate Nationalism, Sectionalism, and White Supremacy in Bartow County, Georgia

Hébert, Keith


The Making of an American

The Autobiography of a Hungarian Immigrant, Appalachian Entrepreneur, and OSS Officer

Himler, Martin edited by Cathy Cassady Corbin


The Making of James Agee

Davis, Hugh


The Mammals of Virginia

Linzey, Donald W.


The Marble City

A Photographic Tour of Knoxville’s Graveyards

Neely, Jack, text, and Aaron Jay, photographs


The Memoirs of Brigadier General William Passmore Carlin, U.S.A

"Fighting Billy": Sherman's Warrior in the West

Girardi, Robert I. and Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, Jr., eds.


The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It

The Memoir of Jo Ann Gibson Robinson

Robinson, Jo Ann Gibson


The Myles Horton Reader

Education for Social Change

Horton, Myles


The Napkin Manuscripts

Selected Essays and an Interview, With a Foreword by Doris Betts

McFee, Michael


The Natural Arches of the Big South Fork

A Guide to Selected Landforms

McDade, Arthur


The Negro Traditions

Talley, Thomas W.


The New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition

Swan, M. L., and W. H. Swan


The New South Comes to Wiregrass Georgia, 1860-1910

Wetherington, Mark V.


The Old Ones of New Mexico

Coles, Robert


The Paper Bag Principle

Class, Complexion, and Community in Black Washington, D.C.

Kerr, Audrey Elisa


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 6


Jackson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Vol. 4


Jackson, Harold D.


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 1, 1770-1803

Jackson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 10, 1832

Feller, Daniel, Thomas Coens, Laura-Eve Moss


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 11, 1833

Feller, Daniel, editor


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 5


Jackson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 7, 1829

Jackson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 8, 1830

Jackson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Jackson, Volume 9, 1831

Jackson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. 10

February-July 1886

Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. 3


Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. 5


Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. 6


Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 1


Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 11

August 1866-January 1867

Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 12

February-August 1867

Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 13

September 1867-March 1868

Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 14

April-August 1868

Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 15

September 1868-April 1869

Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 16

May 1869-July 1875

Johnson, Andrew


The Papers of Andrew Johnson, Volume 2


Johnson, Andrew


The Patina of Place

The Cultural Weathering of A New England Industrial Landscape

Heath, Kingston Wm


The Philosophy of Religion of Alexander Campbell

Clanton, J. Caleb


The Politics of Injustice

The Kennedys, the Freedom Rides, and the Electoral Consequences of a Moral Compromise

Niven, David


The Prehistoric Native American Art of Mud Glyph Cave

Faulkner, Charles H., ed.


The Prettiest Girl on Stage Is a Man

Race and Gender Benders in American Vaudeville

Casey, Kathleen B.


The Primary That Made a President

John F. Kennedy and West Virginia

Rupp, Robert O.


The Prodigal Daughter

A Biography of Sherwood Bonner

McAlexander, Hubert Horton


The Prudent Mariner

A Novel

Williams, Leslie Walker


The Ramseys at Swan Pond

The Archaeology and History of an East Tennessee Farm

Faulkner, Charles H.


The Removal of the Choctaw Indians

Derosier, Jr., Arthur H.


The Rending of Virginia

A History

Hall, Granville Davisson


The Reptiles of Tennessee

Niemiller, Matthew, Graham Reynolds, and Brian Miller


The Rise and Fall of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union in Arkansas

Ross Jr., James D.


The Road

Ehle, John


The Saga of Coe Ridge

A Study in Oral History

Montell, William Lynwood


The Saturated World

Aesthetic Meaning, Intimate Objects, Women's Lives, 1890-1940

Gordon, Beverly


The Scopes Trial

A Photographic History

Caudill, Edward, Edward J. Larson, and Jesse Fox Mayshark


The Seduction of Miss Evelyn Hazen

Ryan, Jane Van


The Self and the Sacred

Conversion and Autobiography in Early American Protestantism

Payne, Rodger M.


The Serpent and the Spirit

Glenn Summerford's Story

Burton, Thomas G.


The Serpent and the Swan

The Animal Bride in Folklore and Literature

Sax, Boria


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce, Volume I

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce, Volume II

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce, Volume III

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


The Silent and Soft Communion

The Conversion Narratives of Sarah Pierpont Edwards and Sarah Prince Gill

McCulley, Sue Lane, and Dorothy Z. Baker, editors


The Southeastern Indians

Hudson, Charles


The Southern Colonial Backcountry

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Frontier Communities

Crass, David Colin, Steven D. Smith, Martha A. Zierden, and Richard D. Brooks, eds.


The Southern Colonial Backcountry

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Crass, David Colin, Steven D. Smith, Martha A. Zierden, and Richard D. Brooks, eds.


The Spirit of the Appalachian Trail

Community, Environment, and Belief on a Long-Distance Hiking Path

Bratton, Susan Power


The Spirit of the Mountains

Foreword By Roger D. Abrahams

Miles, Emma Bell


The Spiritual Churches of New Orleans

Origins, Beliefs and Rituals of an African-American Religion

Jacobs, Claude F., and Andrew J. Kaslow


The Springfield Gas Machine

Illuminating Industry and Leisure, 1860s-1920s

Linebaugh, Donald W.


The Stone-Campbell Movement

An International Religious Tradition

Casey, Michael W., and Douglas A. Foster, eds.


The Story of America's Military Parks

The Complete Set

Smith, Timothy B.


The Story of the Dulcimer, 2nd edition

Smith, Ralph L.


The Struggle for Black Political Empowerment in Three Georgia Counties

Hanks, Lawrence J.


The Tall Tale in American Folklore and Literature

Brown, Carolyn S.


The Tall Tales of Davy Crockett

Second Nashville Series of Crockett Almanacs, 1839-1841

Lofaro, Michael A.


The Tape-Recorded Interview, 2nd Edition

A Manual for Field Workers in Folklore and Oral History

Ives, Edward D.


The Tarnished Cavalier

Major General Earl Van Dorn

Carter, Arthur B.


The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

West, Carroll Van


The Tennessee Theatre

A Grand Entertainment Place

Neely, Jack


The Tennessee-Virginia Tri-Cities

Urbanization in Appalachia, 1900-1950

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The Terra Incognita Reader

Early Writings from The Great Smoky Mountains

Bridges, Anne, Russell Clement, and Ken Wise, eds.


The Union Must Stand

The Civil War Diary of John Quincy Adams Campbell, Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Grimsley, Mark, and Todd D. Miller, eds.


The Untold Story of Shiloh

The Battle and the Battlefield

Smith, Timothy B.


The Variety of American Evangelicalism

Dayton, Donald W., and Robert K. Johnston, eds.


The Wall Between, 2nd edition

Braden, Anne


The Wanderer in African American Literature

Chandler, Gena E.


The Warrior's Path

Reflections along an Ancient Route

Clabough, Casey


The Wars of Myron King

A B-17 Pilot Faces WW II and U. S.-Soviet Intrigue

McDonough, James Lee


The Western Confederacy's Final Gamble

From Atlanta to Franklin to Nashville

McDonough, James Lee


The World Moves, We Follow

Celebrating African Art

Dewey, William J.


The World War I Memoirs of Robert P. Patterson

A Captain in the Great War

Clifford, Gary J.


Their Ancient Grudge

Kroll, Harry Harrison


Theodore O'Hara

Poet-Soldier of the Old South

Hughes, Nathaniel Cheairs, Jr., and Thomas Clayton Ware


They Worked Regular

Craft, Labor, and Family in the Industrial Community of Virginius Island

Palus, Matthew M., and Paul A. Shackel


Thinking Confederates

Academia and the Idea of Progress in the New South

Frost, Dan F.


This Great Battlefield of Shiloh

History, Memory, and the Establishment of a Civil War National Military Park

Smith, Timothy B.


This Wilderness of War

The Civil War Letters of George W. Squier, Hoosier Volunteer

Doyle, Julie A., John David Smith, and Richard M. McMurry, eds.


Thomas Wolfe

When Do the Atrocities Begin?

Mauldin, Joanne Marshall


Thomas Wolfe and Lost Children in Southern Literature

Eckard, Paula Gallant


Three Years a Soldier

The Diary and Newspaper Correspondence of Private George Perkins, Sixth New York Independent Battery, 1861-1864

Griffin, Richard N., ed.


Through the Howling Wilderness

The 1864 Red River Campaign and Union Failure in the West

Joiner, Gary D.


Throwed Away

Failures of Progress in Eastern North Carolina

Flowers, Linda


To Lift Up My Race

The Essential Writings of Samuel Robert Cassius

Robinson, Edward J.


To Retain Command of the Mississippi

The Civil War Naval Campaign for Memphis

McCaul Jr., Edward B.


To Succeed or Perish

The Diaries of Sergeant Edmund Trent Eggleston, Company G, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery Regiment

Hewitt, Lawrence Lee and Thomas E. Schott. eds.


To the Battles of Franklin and Nashville and Beyond

Stabilization and Reconstruction in Tennessee and Kentucky, 1864Ð1866

Cooling, Benjamin Franklin


Tom Ashley, Sam McGee, Bukka White

Tennessee Traditional Singers

Burton, Thomas G.


Touching the Web of Southern Novelists

Madden, David


Tourism in the Mountain South

A Double-Edged Sword

Martin, C. Brenden


Travels of a Country Woman

Knox, Lera


Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Stupka, Arthur


Trial and Triumph

Essays in Tennessee's African American History

West, Carroll Van


Trial by Trail

Backpacking in the Smoky Mountains

Molloy, Johnny


Trial by Trail

Backpacking in the Smoky Mountains

Molloy, Johnny


Tribes that Slumber

Indians of the Tennessee Region

Lewis, Thomas M. N., and Madeline Kneberg


Troubled Waters

Champion International and the Pigeon River Controversy

Bartlett, Richard A.


Tuckaleechee Cove

A Passage through Time

Norrell, Robert J. and Boyce N. Driskell


TVA and the Dispossessed

The Resettlement of Population in the Norris Dam Area

McDonald, Michael J., and John Muldowny


TVA and the Tellico Dam

A Bureaucratic Crisis in Post-Industrial America

Wheeler, William Bruce, and Michael J. McDonald


TVA Archaeology

Seventy-Five Years of Prehistoric Site Research

Pritchard, Erin E., ed.


TVA's Public Planning

The Vision, the Reality

Creese, Walter L.


Twisted from the Ordinary

Essays on American Literary Naturalism

Papke, Mary E.


Two Carpenters

Architecture and Building in Early New England, 1799-1859

Garrison, J. Ritchie


Two Germans in the Civil War

The Diary of John Daeuble and the Letters of Gottfried Rentschler, 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Reinhart, Joseph R.

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