The Removal of the Choctaw Indians

  • Author(s): Derosier, Jr., Arthur H.
  • Series:
  • Imprint: Univ Tennessee Press
  • Publication Date: 1981-11-30
  • Status: Active
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“Those concerned with the plight of the American Indian today should find much of historical value and insight in DeRosier’s succinct, yet thorough study of the Choctaw removal. The content and the analysis is sound. . . .the books fills a necessary niche in the study of Indian removal policy. DeRosier also shows how the Choctaw removal was of major importance ‘because it established the pattern for Indian removal in the 19th century . . . and eventually affected the existence of almost every Indian nation in the country.'”—Choice

“DeRosier’s analysis of the abortive treaties of 1818-1819, the Treaties of Doak’s Stans (1820) and Dancing Rabbit Creek (1830), and the actual removal expeditions are evidence of his professional skill. . . . He has also provided valuable guidelines for a comprehensive study of Indian removal in the formative years.”—Journal of American History

“In firmness of proportion and clarity of presentation, this is a model account of the removal of a major tribe of Indians.”—Journal of Southern History