The Adena People

Foreword By James B. Griffin

  • Author(s): Webb, William S., and Charles E. Snow
  • Series:
  • Imprint: Univ Tennessee Press
  • Publication Date: 1988-02-10
  • Status: Active
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Widely recognized as one of the major works on eastern archaeology published during the first half of this century, The Adena People remains a standard reference work on the prehistory of the Ohio Valley. The result of the collaboration between the eminent archaeologists William S. Webb and Charles E. Snow, the work is largely concerned with the burial customs and earth mounds erected over the remains of the Adena dead in Kentucky. This study serves as a sourcebook for all archaeologists and provides a clear view of American archaeology as earlier practiced.

“There is no doubt that The Adena People, originally published in 1945, is a milestone in the scientific study of eastern North American prehistory. . . . the book is a classic, and it will be a useful addition to the library of any Eastern U. S. archaeologist.”—William H. Marquardt, American Anthropologist.