Ahead of Her Time in Yesteryear

Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman Comes of Age in a Southern African American Family

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Parlor Ladies and Ebony Drudges

African American Women, Class, and Work in a South Carolina Community

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The Fourteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

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A Novel

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Cassandra Singing

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London Bridge in Plague and Fire

A Novel

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Marble Goddesses and Mortal Flesh

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Momma's Lost Piano

A Memoir

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A Novel of the Civil War

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The Last Bizarre Tale

Stories by David Madden

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Touching the Web of Southern Novelists

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Complete Film Criticism

Reviews, Essays, and Manuscripts

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Before Harlem

An Anthology of African American Literature from the Long Nineteenth Century

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African American Women Poets and Self-Representation, 1877Ð2000

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An Explorer's Guide

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The Letters of Private James T. Miller, 111th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1861-1864

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The Atomic Bomb and American Society

New Perspectives

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Carson-Newman University

From Appalachian Dream to Thriving Educational Community

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Reading Faulkner

Introductions to the First Thirteen Novels

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Making Music in Music City

Conversations with Nashville Music Industry Professionals

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Boxes, Rockets, and Pens

A History of Wildlife Recovery in Tennessee

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Tourism in the Mountain South

A Double-Edged Sword

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Folk Building and Social Change in an Appalachian Community

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Portrait of a Racist, Second Edition

Byron De La Beckwith and the Assassination of Medgar Evers

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Rethinking Zion

How the Print Media Placed Fundamentalism in the South

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Well-Nigh Reconstructed

A Political Novel

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More American than Southern

Kentucky, Slavery, and the War for an American Ideology, 1828-1861

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The True Stories behind the University of Tennessee's Beloved Mascot

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Thomas Wolfe

When Do the Atrocities Begin?

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Richard Halliburton and the Voyage of the Sea Dragon

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Religion in Film

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Fort DeRussy, Louisiana, and the Defense of Red River

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A Biography of Sherwood Bonner

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Visual Media and the Humanities

A Pedagogy of Representation

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A Son's Quest for His Father's Wartime Life, Second Edition

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The Correspondence of Joseph B. Polley, Hood's Texas Brigade

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To Retain Command of the Mississippi

The Civil War Naval Campaign for Memphis

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Mountain Holiness

A Photographic Narrative

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The Conversion Narratives of Sarah Pierpont Edwards and Sarah Prince Gill

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With an Introduction by John Egerton and a New Foreword by Sheri Castle

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A Guide to Selected Landforms

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The Resettlement of Population in the Norris Dam Area

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Black and Catholic in Savannah Georgia

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Five Tragic Hours-Battle of Franklin

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In Hell before Night

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Stones River-Bloody Winter Tennessee

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The Wars of Myron King

A B-17 Pilot Faces WW II and U. S.-Soviet Intrigue

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From Atlanta to Franklin to Nashville

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War in Kentucky

From Shiloh to Perryville

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What a Bright, Educated, Witty, Lively, Snappy Young Woman Can Say on a Variety of Topics

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The Napkin Manuscripts

Selected Essays and an Interview, With a Foreword by Doris Betts

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Southern Seen

Meditations on Past and Present

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John Mitchel

Irish Nationalist, Southern Secessionist

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Into the Classroom

A Practical Guide for Starting Student Teaching

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North Carolina's Experience during the First World War

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Run in the Fam'ly

A Novel

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Scotch-Irish Merchants in Colonial America

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East Tennessee from A to Z

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Families and Farmhouses in Nineteeth-Century America

Vernacular Design and Social Change

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From the Miners' Doublehouse

Archaeology and Landscape in a Pennsylvania Coal Company Town

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Archaeological Perspectives on the Southern Appalachians

A Multiscalar Approach

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The Spirit of the Mountains

Foreword By Roger D. Abrahams

Miles, Emma Bell

Elevating the Race

Theophilus G. Steward, Black Theology, and the Making of an African American Civil Religion, 1865-1924

Miller, Albert G.

John Bell Hood and the Fight for Civil War Memory

Miller, Brian

The High Priests of American Politics

The Role of Lawyers in American Political Institutions

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Remnants of America's Southeast Aboriginals

Paleo to Mississippian

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Black American Poets Between Worlds, 1940-1960

Tennessee Studies In Literature, Volume 30

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Following in His Steps

A Biography of Charles M. Sheldon

Miller, Timothy S.

The Hippies and American Values

Miller, Timothy S.

Breaking the Mold

The University of Tennessee, Battelle and the Resurgence of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Millhorn, David, Stacey Patterson, and Billy Stair, eds.

A Backward Glance

The Southern Renascence, the Autobiographical Epic, and the Classical Legacy

Millichap, Joseph R.

Robert Penn Warren, Shadowy Autobiography, and Other Makers of American Literature

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Monuments to the Lost Cause

Women, Art, and the Landscapes of Southern Memory with a new Foreword by Karen L. Cox

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Signs, Cures, and Witchery

German Appalachian Folklore

Milnes, Gerald C.

Iroquoian Archaeology and Analytic Scale

Miroff, Laurie E., and Timothy D. Knapp, eds.

Her Words

Diverse Voices in Contemporary Appalachian Women's Poetry

Mitchell, Felicia

Her Words

Diverse Voices in Contemporary Appalachian Women's Poetry

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Paintbrush for Hire

The Travels of James and Emma Cameron, 1840–1900

Moffatt, Frederick C.

The Life, Art, and Times of Joseph Delaney, 1904Ð1991

Moffatt, Frederick C.

Backpacking Tennessee

Overnight Trail Adventures from the Mississippi River to the Appalachian Mountains

Molloy, Johnny

Day Hiking the Daniel Boone National Forest

Molloy, Johnny

Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Guidebook

A Complete Resource for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Molloy, Johnny

Trial by Trail

Backpacking in the Smoky Mountains

Molloy, Johnny

Trial by Trail

Backpacking in the Smoky Mountains

Molloy, Johnny

Don't Go Up Kettle Creek

Verbal Legacy of the Upper Cumberland

Montell, William Lynwood

Ghosts along the Cumberland

Deathlore in the Kentucky Foothills

Montell, William Lynwood

The Saga of Coe Ridge

A Study in Oral History

Montell, William Lynwood

Grassroots Music in the Upper Cumberland

Montell, William Lynwood, ed.

The Fiction of Gloria Naylor

Houses and Spaces of Resistance

Montgomery, Maxine Lavon

From Ulster to America

The Scotch-Irish Heritage of American English

Montgomery, Michael

A Blad O Ulster-Scotch Frae Ullans

Ulster Scots Culture, Language, and Literature

Montgomery, Michael, and Anne Smyth, eds.

Apostle of the Lost Cause

J. William Jones, Baptists, and the Development of Confederate Memory

Moore, Christopher C.

A Geologic Trip Across Tennessee by Interstate 40

Moore, Harry L.

A Roadside Guide to the Geology of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Moore, Harry L.

The Bone Hunters

The Discovery of Miocene Fossils in Gray, Tennessee

Moore, Harry L.

The Lonely Road

Ultimate Sacrifices

Moore, Harry L.

Discovering October Roads

Fall Colors and Geology in Rural East Tennessee

Moore, Harry, and Fred Brown

Masonic Temples

Freemasonry, Ritual Architecture, and Masculine Archetypes

Moore, William D.

Investigating Our Experience in the World

A Primer on Qualitative Inquiry

Morgan, April

The Legacy of American Copper Smelting

Industrial Heritage versus Environmental Policy

Morin, Bode J.

Deford Bailey

A Black Star in Early Country Music

Morton, David C., with Charles K. Wolfe

Ice 'n' Go

Score in Sports and Life

Moshak, Jenny and Debby Schriver

The Life of Jedidiah Morse

A Station of Peculiar Exposure

Moss, Richard J.

Sport and American Mentality 1880-1910

Mrozek, Donald J.

A Social Contract for the Coal Fields

The Rise and Fall of the United Mine Workers of America Welfare and Retirement Fund

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In the Tennessee Mountains

Murfree, Mary Noailles

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