The University of Tennessee Southern

Rebirth of an Institution

La Branche, Mark and Jennifer Sicking

Overton Park

A People's History

Lamb, Brooks

Black Tennesseans, 1900-1930

Lamon, Lester C.

Blacks in Tennessee, 1791-1970

Tennessee Three Star Series

Lamon, Lester C.

Teaching Olaudah Equiano's Narrative

Pedagogical Strategies and New Perspectives

Lamore, Eric D.

Removal Aftershock

The Seminoles Struggles to Survive in the West, 1836-1866

Lancaster, Jane F.

Appalachia and Beyond

Conversations with Writers from the Mountain South

Lang, John

Decisions at Antietam

The Fourteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Lang, Michael

Decisions of the Maryland Campaign

The Fourteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Operation

Lang, Michael S.

Tennessee Rivers

A Paddler's Guidebook

Lantz, Bob

Appalachian White Oak Basketmaking

Handing Down the Basket

Law, Rachel Nash, and Cynthia W. Taylor

Racial Myths and Masculinity in African American Literature

Leak, Jeffrey B.

Seeds of Change

Critical Essays on Barbara Kingsolver

Leder, Priscilla ed.

General Hylan B. Lyon

A Kentucky Confederate and the War in the West

Lee, Dan

Jeff Daniel Marion

Poet on the Holston

Lee, Ernest, Ed., Editor Jesse Graves, Editor Thomas Alan Holmes

The Tennessee-Virginia Tri-Cities

Urbanization in Appalachia, 1900-1950

Lee, Tom


Weaving Our Discipline with Community

Lefler, Lisa J.

Southern Foodways and Culture

Local Considerations and Beyond

Lefler, Lisa J.

Christianity in Appalachia

Profiles in Regional Pluralism

Leonard, Bill J.

Tribes that Slumber

Indians of the Tennessee Region

Lewis, Thomas M. N., and Madeline Kneberg

In the Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing

Traditional Recipes for Modern Use

Liles, J.N.

A Literary Friendship

Correspondence between Caroline Gordon and Ford Madox Ford

Lindberg-Seyersted, Brita, ed.

The Springfield Gas Machine

Illuminating Industry and Leisure, 1860s-1920s

Linebaugh, Donald W.

Irish Fever

An Archaeology of Illness, Injury, and Healing in New York City, 1845–1875

Linn, Meredith

A Natural History Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Linzey, Donald W.

Mammals of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Linzey, Donald W.

Mammals of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Third Edition

Linzey, Donald W.

The Mammals of Virginia

Linzey, Donald W.

Do Real Men Pray?

Images of the Christian Man and Male Spirituality in White Protestant America

Lippy, Charles H.

Charles Faulkner Bryan

His Life and Music

Livingston, Carolyn

Agee Agonistes

Essays on the Life, Legend, and Works of James Agee

Lofaro, Michael A.

Boone, Black Hawk, and Crockett in 1833

Unsettling the Mythic West

Lofaro, Michael A.

Davy Crockett

The Man, the Legend, the Legacy, 1786-1986

Lofaro, Michael A.

James Agee


Lofaro, Michael A.

Life of Mà-ka-tai-me-she-kià-kiàk, or Black Hawk

An Autobiography

Lofaro, Michael A.

Southern Manuscript Sermons before 1800

A Bibliography

Lofaro, Michael A.

The Tall Tales of Davy Crockett

Second Nashville Series of Crockett Almanacs, 1839-1841

Lofaro, Michael A.

James Agee Rediscovered

The Journals for 'Let Us Now Praise Famous Men' and Other New Manuscripts

Lofaro, Michael A., and Hugh Davis, eds.

A Death in the Family

A Restoration of the Author's Text

Lofaro, Michael A., ed.

The Life and Adventures [or Sketches and Eccentricities] of Colonel David Crockett, of West Tennessee.

Lofaro, Michael A., ed.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men at 75

Lofaro, Michael A., editor

Agee at 100

Centennial Essays on the Works of James Agee

Lofaro, Michael, ed.

Spiritual Merchants

Religion, Magic and Commerce

Long, Carolyn Morrow

Happy in the Service of the Lord

African-American Sacred Vocal Harmony Quartets in Memphis

Lornell, Kip

Tennessee's Forgotten Warriors

Frank Cheatham and His Confederate Division

Losson, Christopher

Change and Conflict in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps since 1945

Loveland, Anne C.

Under the Workers' Caps

From Champion Mill to Blue Ridge Paper

Loveland, George W.

The Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee

A Narrative History

Lovett, Bobby L.

Religion, Public Life, and the American Polity

Lugo, Luis F.

Rampant Women

Suffragists and the Right of Assembly

Lumsden, Linda J.

The Art of Anthropology / The Anthropology of Art

Lundy, Brandon

Iris Murdoch Connected

Critical Essays on Her Fiction and Philosophy

Luprecht, Mark

Our Restless Earth

The Geologic Regions of Tennessee

Luther, Edward T.

Government and Politics in Tennessee

Lyons, William, John M. Scheb II, and Billy Stair

Government and Politics in Tennessee, Second Edition

Lyons, William, John M. Scheb II, William K. Stair, and Joseph Gregory Jarret

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