House of Gathering

Poets on May Sartons Poetry

Kallet, Marilyn

The Art of College Teaching

Twenty-eight Takes

Kallet, Marilyn, and April Morgan, eds.

Citizen of Empire

Ethel Thomas Herold, an American in the Philippines

Kaminski, Theresa

Periodical Literature in Eighteenth-Century America

Kamrath, Mark L., and Sharon M. Harris, eds.

Appalachian Cultural Competency

A Guide for Medical, Mental Health, and Social Service Professionals

Keefe, Susan E., ed.

Participatory Development in Appalachia

Cultural Identity, Community, and Sustainability

Keefe, Susan E., ed.

Cherokee Archaeology

A Study of the Appalachian Summit

Keel, Bennie C.

Against the Wind

The Moderate Voice in Baptist Life

Kell, Carl L.

In the Name of the Father

The Rhetoric of the New Southern Baptist Convention

Kell, Carl L.

In the Name of the Father

The Rhetoric of the New Southern Baptist Convention

Kell, Carl L. and Raymond L. Camp


Voices of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War

Kell, Carl, ed.

Forging a Christian Order

South Carolina Baptists, Race, and Slavery, 1696–1860

Kellison, Kimberly R.

Camping and Woodcraft

Handbook Vacation Campers Travelers Wilderness

Kephart, Horace

Our Southern Highlanders

Kephart, Horace

The Paper Bag Principle

Class, Complexion, and Community in Black Washington, D.C.

Kerr, Audrey Elisa

Revolt among the Sharecroppers

Kester, Howard

Southern Politics in State and Nation

Key, V. O.

Whispers in the Dark

The Fiction of Louisa May Alcott

Keyser, Elizabeth Lennox

Andrew Jackson

A Rhetorical Portrayal of Presidential Leadership

Kiewe, Amos

One Anthropologist, Two Worlds

Three Decades of Reflexive Fieldwork in North America and Asia

Kim, Choong Soon

Echoes from the Holocaust

A Memoir

Kimmelman, Mira Ryczke

Life beyond the Holocaust

Memories and Realities

Kimmelman, Mira Ryczke

Black Power in the Bluff City

African American Youth and Student Activism in Memphis, 1965-1975

Kinchen, Shirletta

Cormac McCarthy’s Literary Evolution

Editors, Agents, and the Crafting of a Prolific American Author

King, Daniel Robert

The Cherokee Indian Nation

A Troubled History

King, Duane H.

Archaeology, Narrative, and the Politics of the Past

The View from Southern Maryland

King, Julia A.

Recovery, Renewal, Reclaiming

Anthropological Research toward Healing

King, Lindsey, editor

Black Americans in the Roosevelt Era

Liberalism and Race

Kirby, John B.

Tennessee Delta Quiltmaking

Klassen, Teri

Erskine Caldwell

A Biography

Klevar, Harvey L.

Pauline Hopkins and the American Dream

An African American Writer's (Re)Visionary Gospel of Success

Knight, Alisha

Goodness Gracious, Miss Agnes

Patchwork of Country Living

Knox, Lera

Travels of a Country Woman

Knox, Lera

More Than A Muckraker

Ida Tarbell's Lifetime in Journalism

Kochersberger, Jr., Robert C., editor

King of the Delta Blues, Second Edition

The Life and Music of Charlie Patton

Komara, Edward, Gayle Dean Wardlow, and Stephen Calt

Doctor to the Front

The Recollections of Confederate Surgeon Thomas Fanning Wood, 1861-1865

Koonce, Donald B.

Record of the Organizations Engaged in the Campaign, Siege, and Defense of Vicksburg

Kountz, John S.

Their Ancient Grudge

Kroll, Harry Harrison

Experiencing Service-Learning

Kronick, Robert F., Robert B. Cunningham, and Michele Gourley

Alexandria Goes to War

Beyond Robert E. Lee

Kundahl, George G.

Confederate Engineer

Training and Campaigning with John Morris Wampler

Kundahl, George G.

Crime of the Century

The Kennedy Assassination from a Historian's Perspective

Kurtz, Michael L.

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