Remnants of America's Southeast Aboriginals

Paleo to Mississippian

  • Author(s): Miller, Maury E.
  • Series:
  • Imprint:
  • Publication Date: 2018-10-15
  • Status: Active
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Remnants of America’s Southeast Aboriginals: Paleo to Mississippian by Maury E. Miller is a book on the rich archaeological prehistory in the Southeast. It promotes knowledge about the archaeological fragments that have been left to us by earlier cultures that lived across the changing landscape.

This report is in chronological sequence with information on preservation, provenance, characteristics, types, materials, and certificates of authority concerning aboriginal artifacts all while keeping them in the correct context of their cultural patterns.

This book’s photographs of aboriginal Southeast American artifacts, together with a straightforward, readable text should appeal to specialists as well as the general populace who have an appreciation for and knowledge of American Indian antiquities of the Southeast.