Reality's Dark Light

The Sensational Wilkie Collins

Bachman, Maria K., and Don Richard Cox, eds.


The Black Spiritual Movement, 2nd Edition

A Religious Response to Racism

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African American Religion

Varieties of Protest and Accommodation 2nd

Baer, Hans A., and Merrill Singer


Race Patriotism

Protest and Print Culture in the A.M.E. Church

Bailey, Julius H.


Natural Histories Notecards

Bales, Lyn


Ephemeral by Nature

Exploring the Exceptional with a Tennessee Naturalist

Bales, Stephen Lyn


Ghost Birds

Jim Tanner and the Quest for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, 1935-1941

Bales, Stephen Lyn


Natural Histories

Stories from the Tennessee Valley

Bales, Stephen Lyn


Appalachians All

East Tennesseans and the Elusive History of an American Region

Banker, Mark T.


Cormac McCarthy's Violent Destinies

The Poetics of Determinism and Fatalism

Bannon, Brad and John Vanderheide, eds.


Handcraft Revival Southern Appalachia, 1930-1990

Barker, Garry G.


Revising Charles Brockden Brown

Culture, Politics, and Sexuality in the Early Republic

Barnard, Philip, Mark L. Kamrath, and Stephen Shapiro, eds.


Yankee Rebel

The Civil War Journal of Edmund Dewitt Patterson

Barrett, John G.


Troubled Waters

Champion International and the Pigeon River Controversy

Bartlett, Richard A.


Pottery, Passages, Postholes, and Porcelain

Essays in Honor of Charles H. Faulkner

Baumann, Timothy E., and Mark D. Groover, eds.


Poet of the Lost Cause

A Life of Father Ryan

Beagle, Donald Robert


Literary Legacies, Folklore Foundations

Selfhood and Cultural Tradition in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century American Literature

Beardslee, Karen E.


A History of Neglect

Health Care Southern Blacks Mill Workers

Beardsley, Edward H.


Robert Penn Warren, Critic

Beck, Charlotte H.


Circling Windrock Mountain

Two Hundred Years in Appalachia

Bell, Augusta Grove


Appalachian Aspirations

The Geography of Urbanization and Development in the Upper Tennessee River Valley, 1865Ð1900

Benhart, John, Jr.


Andrew Johnson's Civil War and Reconstruction

Bergeron, Paul


Paths of the Past

Tennessee 1770-1970

Bergeron, Paul H.


Tennesseans and Their History

Bergeron, Paul H., Stephen V. Ash, and Jeanette Keith


Loss of the Sultana and Reminiscences of Survivors

Berry, Chester D., ed.


Who Is My Neighbor?

Berry, Minta Sue


A Separate Circle

Jewish Life in Knoxville, Tennessee

Besmann, Wendy Lowe


Cuban-Jewish Journeys

Searching for Identity, Home, and History in Miami

Bettinger-López, Caroline


The Fall of the Republic and Other Political Satires

Bierce, Ambrose


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce, Volume I

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce, Volume II

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


The Short Fiction of Ambrose Bierce, Volume III

A Comprehensive Edition

Bierce, Ambrose


Memphis in the Great Depression

Biles, Roger


All of This Music Belongs to the Nation

The WPA's Federal Music Project and American Society

Bindas, Kenneth J.


For Enquiring Minds

A Cultural Study of Supermarket Tabloids

Bird, S. Elizabeth


Tennessee's Experience during the First World War

Birdwell, Michael E., editor


Pinstripe Nation

The New York Yankees in American Culture

Bishop, Will


From Alice to Algernon

The Evolution of Child Consciousness in the Novel

Blackford, Holly


Mockingbird Passing

Closeted Traditions and Sexual Curiosities in Harper Lee's Novel

Blackford, Holly


Mockingbird Passing, Revised Edition with a New Preface

Closeted Traditions and Sexual Curiosities in Harper Lee's Novel

Blackford, Holly


Joel Barlow's Columbiad

A Bicentennial Reading

Blakemore, Steven


Mississippian Smoking Ritual in the Southern Appalachian Region

Blanton, Dennis B.


St. Mark's and the Social Gospel

Methodist Women and Civil Rights in New Orleans, 1895-1965

Blue, Ellen


Profiles of Rafinesque

Boewe, Charles


Andrew Johnson and the Negro

Bowen, David Warren


Kentucky Countryside in Transition

A Streetcar Suburb and the Origins of Middle-Class Louisville, 1850–1910

Bower, Stephanie


Archaeological Adaptation

Case Studies of Cultural Transformation from the Southeast and Caribbean

Boyd Jr, Clifford C., editor


The Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga and the Organizations Engaged

Boynton, Henry V.


The Wall Between, 2nd edition

Braden, Anne


Decisions of the Tullahoma Campaign

The Twenty-Two Critical Decisions That Defined the Operation

Bradley, Michael


Robert Penn Warren's Circus Aesthetic and the Southern Renaissance

Bradley, Patricia L.


By Heart

Reflections of a Rust Belt Bard

Brady, Philip


Phantom Signs

The Muse in Universe City

Brady, Philip



The Age and the Symbol

Brandes, Stanley


Tennessee Hiking Guide

Tennessee Chapter, Sierra Club

Brandt, Robert S.


Ruined by This Miserable War

The Dispatches of Charles Prosper Fauconnet, a French Diplomat in New Orleans, 1863-1868

Brasseaux, Carl A., and Katherine Carmines Mooney, eds.


The Spirit of the Appalachian Trail

Community, Environment, and Belief on a Long-Distance Hiking Path

Bratton, Susan Power


Life as It Is

Or Matters and Things in General

Breazeale, J. W. M.


Constance Fenimore Woolson

Selected Stories and Travel Narratives

Brehm, Victoria and Sharon L. Dean, eds.


Building Environments

Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, Volume X

Breisch, Kenneth A., and Alison K. Hoagland


Wonderment of Mountains, the Great Smokies

Brewer, Carson


Terra Incognita

An Annotated Bibliography of the Great Smoky Mountains, 1544-1934

Bridges, Anne, Russell Clement, and Ken Wise


The Terra Incognita Reader

Early Writings from The Great Smoky Mountains

Bridges, Anne, Russell Clement, and Ken Wise, eds.


Historical Archaeology of the Irish Diaspora

A Transnational Approach

Brighton, Stephen A.


Searching for Woody Guthrie

A Personal Exploration of the Folk Singer, His Music, and His Politics

Briley, Ron


As Far as the Eye Can See

Reflections of an Appalachian Trail Hiker

Brill, David


Cleaning America's Air

Progress and Challenges

Brill, David


Cumberland Odyssey

A Journey in Pictures and Words along Tennessee's Cumberland Trail and Plateau

Brill, David


Out Under the Sky of the Great Smokies, 2nd edition

A Personal Journal

Broome, Harvey


Appalachian Gateway

An Anthology of Contemporary Stories and Poetry

Brosi, George, and Kate Egerton, eds.


The Tall Tale in American Folklore and Literature

Brown, Carolyn S.


Marking Time

East Tennessee Historical Markers and the Stories behind Them

Brown, Fred


Literary Lunch

Brown, Jeannette, ed.


Ethnic and Regional Foodways in the United States

The Performance of Group Identity

Brown, Linda Keller, and Kay Mussell, eds.



James Agee in Tennessee

Brown, Paul F.


The Escape

A Leap for Freedom

Brown, William Wells


And They All Sang Hallelujah

Plain-Folk Camp-Meeting Religion, 1800-1845

Bruce, Jr., Dickson D.


Civil War Nurse

The Diary and Letters of Hannah Ropes

Brumgardt, John R.


A Nation Forged in War

How World War II Taught Americans to Get Along

Bruscino, Thomas


Eyewitness to Genocide

The Operation Reinhard Death Camp Trials, 1955-1966

Bryant, Michael


American Foreign and National Security Policies, 1914-1945

Buckley, Thomas H., and Edwin B. Strong, Jr.


Emily Donelson of Tennessee

Burke, Pauline Wilcox


Sailing with Farragut

The Civil War Recollections of Bartholomew Diggins

Burkhardt, George S.


William Howard Taft and the Philippines

A Blueprint for Empire

Burns, Adam D.


Voices Worth the Listening

Three Women of Appalachia

Burton, Thomas


Beech Mountain Man

The Memoirs of Ronda Lee Hicks

Burton, Thomas G.


Serpent-Handling Believers

Burton, Thomas G.


The Serpent and the Spirit

Glenn Summerford's Story

Burton, Thomas G.


Tom Ashley, Sam McGee, Bukka White

Tennessee Traditional Singers

Burton, Thomas G.


Dorie: Woman of the Mountains

Bush, Florence Cope


The Last Billion Years

A Geologic History of Tennessee

Byerly, Don W.


From Cahokia to Larson to Moundville

Death, World Renewal, and the Sacred in the Mississippian Social World of the Lake Prehistoric Eastern Woodlands

Byers, A. Martin


NAACP Youth and the Fight for Black Freedom, 1936-1965

Bynum, Thomas



Organizing the Southern Textile Industry, 1930–1934

Byrd, Travis Sutton



Labor, Folk, and Carolina Culture in the Textile Strikes of 1929

Byrd, Travis Sutton


Uncommon Soldiers

Harvey Reid and the 22nd Wisconsin March with Sherman

Byrne, Frank L.

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