The Life and Times of Ray Hicks

Keeper of the Jack Tales

Salsi, Lynn


With Her Own Eyes

The Story of Julia Smith, Her Life, and Her Bible

Sampson, Emily


Catfishing in the South

Samsel, Jeff


From Boss Crump to King Willie

How Race Changed Memphis Politics

Sanford, Otis


Halloween and other Festivals of Life and Death

Santino, Jack


New Old Fashioned Ways

Holidays and Popular Culture

Santino, Jack


The Jefferson National Forest

An Appalachian Environmental History

Sarvis, Will


Tennessee's Indian Peoples

From White Contact to Removal 1540-1840

Satz, Ronald N.


Never Been Rich

The Life and Work of a Southern Ruralist Writer, Harry Harrison Kroll

Saunders, Richard


The Serpent and the Swan

The Animal Bride in Folklore and Literature

Sax, Boria


Tennessee's New Abolitionists

The Fight to End the Death Penalty in the Volunteer State

Sayward, Amy L., and Margaret Vandiver, eds.


Doing the Word

Southern Baptists’ Carver School of Church Social Work and Its Predecessors, 1907-1997

Scales, T. Laine and Melody Maxwell


Just What War Is

The Civil War Writings of Deforest and Bierce

Schaefer, Michael W.


Subversive Voices

Eroticizing the Other in William Faulkner and Toni Morrison

Schreiber, Evelyn Jaffe


In the Footsteps of Champions

The University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, the First Three Decades

Schriver, Debby


Whispering in the Daylight

The Children of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and Their Journey to Freedom

Schriver, Debby


Rac(e)Ing To The Right

Selected Essays George S. Schuyler

Schuyler, George S.


Creating Faulkner's Reputation

The Politics of Modern Literary Criticism

Schwartz, Lawrence H.


Built with Faith

Italian American Imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City

Sciorra, Joseph


Bruce Grit

The Black Nationalist Writings of John Edward Bruce

Seraile, William


Tennessee's Radical Army

The State Guard and its Role in Reconstruction, 1867-1869

Severance, Ben H.


Personal Discipline and Material Culture

An Archaeology of Annapolis, Maryland, 1695-1870

Shackel, Paul A.


In Memory of Self and Comrades

Thomas Wallace Colley's Recollections of Civil War Service in the 1st Virginia Cavalry

Shaffer, Michael K.


Androgynous Democracy

Modern American Literature and the Dual-Sexed Body Politic

Shaheen, Aaron


Building Bridges

Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings, no. 40

Shanafelt, Robert


Summer Key to the Trees of Eastern Tennessee

Shanks, Royal E., and Aaron J. Sharp


Louisa May Alcott's Fairy Tales and Fantasy Stories

Shealy, Daniel


Phillis Wheatley and the Romantics

Shields, John C.


Phillis Wheatley's Poetics of Liberation

Backgrounds and Contexts

Shields, John C.


The American Aeneas

Classical Origins of the American Self

Shields, John C.


New Essays on Phillis Wheatley

Shields, John C., and Eric D. Lamore, eds.


Coal Towns

Life Work and Culture in Company Towns of Southern Appalachia, 1880-1960

Shifflett, Crandall A.


Black Women Abolitionists

Study in Activism, 1828-1860

Shirley J. Yee


The Centennial Alumni of the University of Tennessee

Sicking, Jennifer and Gina Stafford, eds.


Tennessee State Symbols, 2nd edition

Simbeck, Rob


Edith D. Pope and Her Nashville Friends

Guardians of the Lost Cause in the Confederate Veteran

Simpson, John A.


Cherokee National Forest Hiking Guide

Skelton, William H., ed.


Hawk's Nest

A Novel

Skidmore, Hubert


Edward Terry Sanford

A Tennessean on the U.S. Supreme Court

Slater, Stephanie L.


Beauty and Convenience

Architecture and Order in the New Republic

Small, Nora Pat


Congress Oversees the United States Intelligence Community, Second Edition


Smist, Frank J., Jr.


Fundamentalism, Fundraising, and the Transformation of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1919–1925

Smith, Andrew C.


Slavery and Rice Culture in Low Country Georgia, 1750-1860

Smith, Julia Floyd


The Story of the Dulcimer, 2nd edition

Smith, Ralph L.


An Evil Day in Georgia

The Killing of Coleman Osborn and the Death Penalty in the Progressive-Era South

Smith, Robert Neil


The Action-Adventure Heroine

Rediscovering an American Literary Character, 1697–1895

Smith, Sandra Wilson


A Chickamauga Memorial

The Establishment of America's First Civil War National Military Park

Smith, Timothy B.


Altogether Fitting and Proper

Civil War Battlefield Preservation in History, Memory, and Policy, 1861–2015

Smith, Timothy B.


Rethinking Shiloh

Myth and Memory

Smith, Timothy B.


The Golden Age of Battlefield Preservation

The Decade of the 1890's and the Establishment of America's First Five Military Parks

Smith, Timothy B.


The Story of America's Military Parks

The Complete Set

Smith, Timothy B.


The Untold Story of Shiloh

The Battle and the Battlefield

Smith, Timothy B.


This Great Battlefield of Shiloh

History, Memory, and the Establishment of a Civil War National Military Park

Smith, Timothy B.



Ten Jewish Men in a World That Is Heartbroken

Sobel, Eliezer


Black Hymnody

A Hymnological History of the African-American Church

Spencer, Jon Michael


Blues and Evil

Spencer, Jon Michael


New Negroes and Their Music

Success of the Harlem Renaissance

Spencer, Jon Michael


Re-Searching Black Music

Spencer, Jon Michael


The Legacy of Tamar

Courage and Faith in an African American Family

Springfield, Raye


The Legacy of Tamar, 2nd edition

Courage, Faith, and the Common Road of Hope in an African American Community

Springfield, Raye


Summer Thunder

A Battlefield Guide to the Artillery at Gettysburg

Spruill IV, Matt


Decisions at Gettysburg

The Nineteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Campaign

Spruill, Matt


Decisions at Gettysburg, Second Edition

The Twenty Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Spruill, Matt


Storming the Heights

A Guide to the Battle of Chattanooga

Spruill, Matt


Decisions at Stones River

The Sixteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Spruill, Matt and Lee Spruill


Decisions at Second Manassas

The Fourteen Critical Decisions That Defined the Battle

Spruill, Matt and Matt Spruill IV


Echoes of Thunder

A Guide to the Seven Days Battles

Spruill, Matt III, and Matt Spruill IV


Summer Lightning

A Guide to the Second Battle of Manassas

Spruill, Matt III, and Matt Spruill IV


Winter Lightning, 2nd edition

A Guide to the Battle of Stones River

Spruill, Matt, and Lee Spruill


The Life and Work of Ernest A. Pickup

St. John, Beverly P. and Gary A. Webb


Looking beyond the Highway

Dixie Roads and Culture

Stager, Claudette, and Martha A. Carver, eds.


Holy Boldness

Women Preachers' Autobiographies and the Sanctified Self

Stanley, Susie C.


A Forty-Niner from Tennessee

The Diary of Hugh Brown Heiskell

Steel, Edward M., ed.


Methodist Morals

Social Principles in the Public Church's Witness

Stephens, Darryl W.


The Afternoon Hiker

A Guide to Casual Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains

Stepp, J. L., and Lin Stepp


Amazing Baseball Heroes

Inspirational Negro League Stories

Steverson, Bryan


The Fenians

Irish Rebellion in the North Atlantic World, 1858Ð1876

Steward, Patrick, and Bryan McGovern


David Schenck and the Contours of Confederate Identity

Steward, Rodney


King of the Moonshiners

Lewis R. Redmond in Fact and Fiction

Stewart, Bruce, ed.


Religion and Society in Post-Emancipation Jamaica

Stewart, Robert J.


From Huntsville to Appomattox

R. T. Coles's History of 4th Regiment, Alabama Volunteer Infantry, C. S. A. , Army of Northern Virginia

Stocker, Jeffrey D.


Elites for Peace

The Senate and the Vietnam War, 1964-1968

Stone, Gary


Seeing Suffrage

The 1913 Washington Suffrage Parade, Its Pictures, and Its Effects on the American Political Landscape

Stovall, James Glen


Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Stupka, Arthur


The GI Bill Boys

A Memoir

Suberman, Stella


Archaeology of the Appalachian Highlands

Sullivan, Lynne P., and Susan C. Prezzano, eds.


A Potter's Progress

Emanuel Suter and the Business of Craft

Suter, Scott Hamilton


Very Violent Rebel

The Civil War Diary of Ellen Renshaw House

Sutherland, Daniel E.


The New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition

Swan, M. L., and W. H. Swan


Power and the Public Interest

The Memoirs of Joseph C. Swidler

Swidler, Joseph C.

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