Gentlemen Merchants

A Charleston Family's Odyssey, 1828-1870

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Piedmont Farmer

The Journals of David Golightly Harris, 1855-1870

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Native Intoxicants of North America

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Smoking and Culture

The Archaeology of Tobacco Pipes in Eastern North America

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Dr. J.G.M. Ramsey; Autobiography and Letters

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Rights for a Season

The Politics of Race, Class, and Gender in Richmond, Virginia

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Middle Tennessee, 1775-1825

Progress and Popular Democracy on the Southwestern Frontier

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Before the Volunteer State

Ray, Kristofer, ed.

The Battle of Shiloh and the Organizations Engaged

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On Barbecue

Reed, John Shelton

Tennessee Log Buildings

A Folk Tradition

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Two Germans in the Civil War

The Diary of John Daeuble and the Letters of Gottfried Rentschler, 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

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Mockingbird Grows Up

Re-Reading Harper Lee since Watchman

Reutter, Cheli and Jonathan S. Cullick, editors

The Ideological Origins of African American Literature

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Caribbean Migrants

Environment and Human Survival on St. Kitts and Nevis

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Caribbean Migrants

Environment Human Survival St. Kitts Nevis

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Panama Money in Barbados, 1900-1920

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Critical Connections

The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge from the Dawn of the Atomic Age to the Present

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Dear Courier

The Civil War Correspondence of Editor Melvin Dwinell

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From Joseph Bensman

Essays on Modern Society

Robert Jackall and Duffy Graham, editors.

Forsaking All Others

A True Story of Interracial Sex and Revenge in the 1880s South

Robinson, Charles F.

A Godsend to His People

The Essential Writings and Speeches of Marshall Keeble

Robinson, Edward J.

Hard-Fighting Soldiers

A History of African American Churches of Christ

Robinson, Edward J.

To Lift Up My Race

The Essential Writings of Samuel Robert Cassius

Robinson, Edward J.

Beowulf and the Appositive Style

Robinson, Fred C.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It

The Memoir of Jo Ann Gibson Robinson

Robinson, Jo Ann Gibson


A Grammar of the Traditional Written Word and Spoken Language

Robinson, Philip

No Peace for the Wicked

Northern Protestant Soldiers and the American Civil War

Rolfs, David

The East Tennessee Veterans Memorial

A Pictorial History of the Names on the Wall, Their Service, and Their Sacrifice

Romeiser, John B. and Jack H. McCall, Jr.

Reading the Old Man

John Brown in American Culture

Ronda, Bruce


Highway Politics and Policy Since 1939

Rose, Mark H., and Raymond A. Mohl

Folklore and Literature

Rival Siblings

Rosenberg, Bruce

Retro Ball Parks

Instant History, Baseball, and the New American City

Rosensweig, Daniel

The Rise and Fall of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union in Arkansas

Ross Jr., James D.

Through the Mountains

The French Broad River and Time

Ross, John E.

Forever Belle

Sallie Ward of Kentucky

Runyon, Randolph Paul

Ghostly Parallels

Robert Penn Warren and the Lyric Poetic Sequence

Runyon, Randolph Paul

The Primary That Made a President

John F. Kennedy and West Virginia

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Reminiscences of an Old Georgia Lawyer

Judge Garnett Andrews

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William Strickland and the Creation of an American Architecture

Russell, Robert

Reading Acts

U. S. Readers' Interactions with Literature, 1800-1950

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The Seduction of Miss Evelyn Hazen

Ryan, Jane Van

Samuel Stouffer and the GI Survey

Sociologists and Soldiers during the Second World War

Ryan, Joseph W.

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