Cherokee National Forest Hiking Guide, Third Edition

  • Author(s): Skelton, William H.; Jenkins, Roger; Harris, Richard, editors
  • Series: Outdoor Tennessee
  • Imprint: University of Tennessee Press
  • Publication Date: 2024-02-23
  • Status: Active
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First published in 1992, Cherokee National Forest Hiking Guide has been a vital companion to thousands who have explored the 650,000-acre Cherokee National Forest. Now in its third edition, the guide has been expanded once again to cover numerous additional trails and the almost 20,000 acres of additional congressionally designated Wilderness in the decades since the second edition. Stretching across the Tennessee-North Carolina state line, the Cherokee National Forest includes much of the western slopes of the southern Appalachian Mountains, north and south of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The area encompasses a tremendous diversity of wildlife, vegetation, and scenic vistas of high mountain peaks and beautiful creeks, waterfalls, and valleys. Over 840 trail miles and 226 trails are described and mapped in the book. These trails and footpaths wind throughout this wildlife haven, inviting everyone who loves the outdoors—hikers, backpackers, hunters, anglers, and horseback riders—to explore the forest’s natural beauty. The Cherokee National Forest Hiking Guide provides maps and specific directions for all the forest’s current trails along with a wealth of general information on its present and past wildlife, vegetation, and geology, as well as a history of the forest’s human inhabitants—including the political battles that have been waged to protect it. This book remains the definitive guide to this expansive and alluring landscape sure to thrill outdoor enthusiasts for many generations to come.

WILLIAM H. SKELTON is a retired Knoxville attorney who served in the effort to protect congressionally designated wilderness in the Cherokee National Forest in the 1980s.

ROGER JENKINS is a retired chemist and veteran hiker who was a significant voice in the fight to protect Cherokee National Forest Wilderness.

RICHARD HARRIS is a retired physician and leader in the maintenance of the Benton Mackaye Trail and other trails in the southern districts of the Cherokee National Forest.