Voices of the Civil War


A Confederate Yankee

The Journal of Edward William Drummond, a Confederate Soldier from Maine

Durham, Roger S.


A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era Complete Set

Mackey, Thomas C.


A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era, Vol. 4

Judicial Decisions, 1867-1896

Mackey, Thomas C.


A Documentary History of the Civil War Era, Volume 1

Legislative Achievements

Mackey, Thomas C.


A Fierce, Wild Joy

The Civil War Letters of Colonel Edward J. Wood, 48th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Towne, Stephen E.


A Legacy of Valor

The Memoirs and Letters of Captain Henry Newton Comey, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry

Comey, Lyman Richard


A Yankee Horseman in the Shenandoah Valley

The Civil War Letters of John H. Black, Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry

Coles, David J., and Stephen D. Engle, eds.


All Right Let Them Come

The Civil War Diary of an East Tennessee Confederate

Northen, Charles Swift


Bright and Gloomy Days

The Civil War Correspondence of Captain Charles Frederic Bahnson, a Moravian Confederate

Chapman, Sarah Bahnson


Confederate Engineer

Training and Campaigning with John Morris Wampler

Kundahl, George G.


Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Volume 1, 1857–1875

Cilella, Salvatore G., editor


Correspondence of Major General Emory Upton, Volume 2, 1875–1881

Cilella, Salvatore G., editor


Dear Courier

The Civil War Correspondence of Editor Melvin Dwinell

Risley, Ford, ed.


Fighting for Liberty and Right

The Civil War Diary of William Bluffton Miller, 1st Sergeant, Company K, 75th Indiana Volunteer Infantry

Patrick, Jeffrey L., and Robert J. Willey, eds.


Great Things Are Expected of Us

The Letters of Colonel C. Irvine Walker, 10th South Carolina Infantry, C.S.A.

White, William Lee, and Charles Denny Runion, eds.


In Memory of Self and Comrades

Thomas Wallace Colley's Recollections of Civil War Service in the 1st Virginia Cavalry

Shaffer, Michael K.


In the Shadow of the Enemy

The Civil War Journal of Ida Powell Dulaney

Mackall, Mary L., Stevan F. Meserve, and Anne Mackall Sasscer, eds.


John Dooley's Civil War

An Irish American's Journey in the First Virginia Infantry Regiment

Curran, Robert Emmett


Last to Leave the Field

The Life and Letters of First Sergeant Ambrose Henry Hayward, 28th Pennsylvania Volunteers

Orr, Timothy J.


Lee and Jackson's Bloody Twelfth

The Letters of Irby Goodwin Scott, First Lieutenant, Company G, Putnam Light Infantry, Twelfth Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Pearson, Johnnie Perry, ed.


Loss of the Sultana and Reminiscences of Survivors

Berry, Chester D., ed.


Memoirs of Lieut.-General Winfield Scott

Gray, Michael and Timothy D. Johnson, eds.


Memoirs of the Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion, Vol. 2

Breathed's and McGregor's Batteries

Trout, Robert J.


No Pardons to Ask, Nor Apologies to Make

The Journal of William Henry King, Gray's 28th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Joiner, Gary D., Marilyn S. Joiner, and Clifton D. Cardin, eds.


On Duty in the Pacific Northwest during the Civil War

Correspondence and Reminiscences of the First Oregon Cavalry Regiment

James Jewell


Our Trust is in the God of Battles

The Civil War Letters of Robert Franklin Bunting, Chaplain, Terry's Texas Rangers

Cutrer, Thomas W., ed.


Ruined by This Miserable War

The Dispatches of Charles Prosper Fauconnet, a French Diplomat in New Orleans, 1863-1868

Brasseaux, Carl A., and Katherine Carmines Mooney, eds.


Sailing with Farragut

The Civil War Recollections of Bartholomew Diggins

Burkhardt, George S.


Sanctified Trial

The Diary of Eliza Rhea Anderson Fain, a Confederate Woman in East Tennessee

Fain, John


Service with the Signal Corps

The Civil War Memoir of Captain Louis R. Fortescue

Acken, J. Gregory, ed.


Slavery in the Clover Bottoms

John McCline's Narrative of His Life During Slavery and the Civil War

Furman, Jan


The Diary of Nannie Haskins Williams

A Southern Woman's Story of Rebellion and Reconstruction, 1863-1890

Uffelman, Minoa, Ellen Kanervo, Phyllis Smith, and Eleanor Williams, eds.


The Hour of Our Nation's Agony

The Civil War Letters of Lt. William Cowper Nelson of Mississippi

Ford, Jennifer


The Letters of General Richard S. Ewell

Stonewall's Successor

Pfanz, Donald C.


The Union Must Stand

The Civil War Diary of John Quincy Adams Campbell, Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Grimsley, Mark, and Todd D. Miller, eds.


To Rescue My Native Land

The Civil War Letters of William T. Shepherd

Hackemer, Kurt H., ed.


To Succeed or Perish

The Diaries of Sergeant Edmund Trent Eggleston, Company G, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery Regiment

Hewitt, Lawrence Lee and Thomas E. Schott. eds.


Two Germans in the Civil War

The Diary of John Daeuble and the Letters of Gottfried Rentschler, 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Reinhart, Joseph R.


Yankee Rebel

The Civil War Journal of Edmund Dewitt Patterson

Barrett, John G.