Backcountry Makers

An Artisan History of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee

White, Betsy K.


Bazaars and Fair Ladies

The History of the American Fundraising Fair

Gordon, Beverly


Beauty and Convenience

Architecture and Order in the New Republic

Small, Nora Pat


Beech Mountain Man

The Memoirs of Ronda Lee Hicks

Burton, Thomas G.


Been Coming through Some Hard Times

Race, History, and Memory in Western Kentucky

Glazier, Jack


Before Harlem

An Anthology of African American Literature from the Long Nineteenth Century

Mance, Ajuan M.


Before the Volunteer State

Ray, Kristofer, ed.


Beowulf and the Appositive Style

Robinson, Fred C.


Best Overnight Hikes

Great Smoky Mountains

Andrews, James, and Kenneth Wise


Birth of a National Park in the Great Smoky Mountains

Campbell, Carlos C.


Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and African-American Religion in the South

Angell, Stephen W.


Black American Poets Between Worlds, 1940-1960

Tennessee Studies In Literature, Volume 30

Miller, R. Baxter


Black Americans in the Roosevelt Era

Liberalism and Race

Kirby, John B.


Black and Catholic in Savannah Georgia

McDonogh, Gary Wray


Black Days, Black Dust

The Memories of an African American Coal Miner

Armstead, Robert (as told to S. L. Gardner)


Black Hymnody

A Hymnological History of the African-American Church

Spencer, Jon Michael


Black Music in the Harlem Renaissance

Floyd, Samuel A., Jr., ed.


Black Power in the Bluff City

African American Youth and Student Activism in Memphis, 1965-1975

Kinchen, Shirletta


Black Radicals and the Civil Rights Mainstream, 1954-1970

Haines, Herbert H.


Black Tennesseans, 1900-1930

Lamon, Lester C.


Black Women Abolitionists

Study in Activism, 1828-1860

Shirley J. Yee


Black Women in the Fiction of James Baldwin

Harris, Trudier


Blacks in Tennessee, 1791-1970

Tennessee Three Star Series

Lamon, Lester C.


Blood Feud

Thomas, Annabel


Blood Kin

A Novel

Powell, Mark


Blood Picture

L. W. Diggs, Sickle Cell Anemia, and the South's First Blood Bank

Nollan, Richard


Blue Awesome Ascending

A Novel

Whitlow, Hubert


Blues and Evil

Spencer, Jon Michael



Young, Katharine


Boone, Black Hawk, and Crockett in 1833

Unsettling the Mythic West

Lofaro, Michael A.


Born of Water and Spirit

The Baptist Impulse in Kentucky, 1776-1860

Traylor, Richard


Bound to Be a Soldier

The Letters of Private James T. Miller, 111th Pennsylvania Infantry, 1861-1864

Mannis, Jedediah, and Galen R. Wilson, eds.


Boxes, Rockets, and Pens

A History of Wildlife Recovery in Tennessee

Markham, Doug


Boys at Home

Discipline, Masculinity, and "The Boy-Problem" in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Parille, Ken


Breaking the Mold

The University of Tennessee, Battelle and the Resurgence of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Millhorn, David, Stacey Patterson, and Billy Stair, eds.


Bridge Building in Wartime

Colonel Wesley Brainerd's Memoir of the 50th New York Volunteer Engineers

Malles, Ed, ed.


Brigadier General Tyree H. Bell, C.S.A.

Forrest's Fighting Lieutenant

Hughes, Nathaniel Cheairs, Jr.


Bright and Gloomy Days

The Civil War Correspondence of Captain Charles Frederic Bahnson, a Moravian Confederate

Chapman, Sarah Bahnson


Bruce Grit

The Black Nationalist Writings of John Edward Bruce

Seraile, William


Building a Protestant Left

Christianity and Crisis Magazine, 1941-1993

Hulsether, Mark


Building Bridges

Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings, no. 40

Shanafelt, Robert


Building Environments

Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, Volume X

Breisch, Kenneth A., and Alison K. Hoagland


Building Power

Architecture and Surveillance in Victorian America

Andrzejewski, Anna Vemer


Built with Faith

Italian American Imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City

Sciorra, Joseph


By Heart

Reflections of a Rust Belt Bard

Brady, Philip


By Way of the Forked Stick

Clark, Billy C.

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