Engendering African American Archaeology

A Southern Perspective

Galle, Jillian E., and Amy L. Young, eds.

Small Wars

Low-Intensity Threats and the American Response since Vietnam

Gambone, Michael

U.S. Steel and Gary, West Virginia

Corporate Paternalism in Appalachia

Garay, Ronald G.

Detention Castles of Stone and Steel

Landscape, Labor, and the Urban Penitentiary

Garman, James C.

Landscape and Material Life

In Franklin County, Massachusetts, 1770-1860

Garrison, J. Ritchie

Two Carpenters

Architecture and Building in Early New England, 1799-1859

Garrison, J. Ritchie

Fish Factory

Work and Meaning for Black and White Fishermen of the American Menhaden Industry

Garrity-Blake, Barbara J.

Changing Sides

Union Prisoners of War Who Joined the Confederate Army

Garrow, Patrick

David Lloyd George

The Politics of Religious Conviction

Gaw, Jerry

Look to the Earth

Historical Archaeology and the American Civil War

Geier, Clarence R., Jr., and Susan E. Winter, eds.

Hero Strong and Other Stories

Tales of Girlhood Ambition, Female Masculinity, and Women's Worldly Achievement in Antebellum America

Gibson, Mary F. W.; edited by Daniel Cohen

Characteristically American

Memorial Architecture, National Identity, and the Egyptian Revival

Giguere, Joy

American Wildlife in Symbol and Story

Gillespie, Angus K., and Jay Mechling, eds.

Reading Becomes a Necessity of Life

Material Cultural Life in Rural New England, 1780-1835

Gilmore, William J.

The Memoirs of Brigadier General William Passmore Carlin, U.S.A

"Fighting Billy": Sherman's Warrior in the West

Girardi, Robert I. and Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, Jr., eds.

Folk Housing in Middle Virginia

A Structural Analysis of Historic Artifacts

Glassie, Henry

Been Coming through Some Hard Times

Race, History, and Memory in Western Kentucky

Glazier, Jack

Highlander, 2nd edition

No Ordinary School

Glen, John M.

Confederate Colonel and Cherokee Chief

The Life of William Holland Thomas

Godbold, E. Stanly, Jr., and Mattie U. Russell

Christopher Gadsden and the American Revolution

Godbold, E. Stanly, Jr., and Robert H. Woody

Mountain Homespun

Goodrich, Frances Louisa

Bazaars and Fair Ladies

The History of the American Fundraising Fair

Gordon, Beverly

The Saturated World

Aesthetic Meaning, Intimate Objects, Women's Lives, 1890-1940

Gordon, Beverly

The Last Letter

A Father's Struggle, a Daughter's Quest, and the Long Shadow of the Holocaust

Gordon, Karen Baum

Ways That Are Dark

A Musical Companion Horace Kephart's Our Southern Highlanders

Gore, Daniel

Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves

American Mennonites Engage Washington

Graber Miller, Keith

From Albert Salomon

Essays on Social Thinkers

Graham, Duffy and Robert Jackall, eds.

Local Baptists, Local Politics

Churches and Communities in the Middle and Uplands South

Grammich, Clifford A., Jr.

Southern Progressivism, 2nd edition with a New Preface

The Reconciliation of Progress and Tradition

Grantham, Dewey

Memoirs of Lieut.-General Winfield Scott

Gray, Michael and Timothy D. Johnson, eds.

Radicalism and Social Change in Jamaica, 1960-1972

Gray, Obika


The Confederacy's Largest Hospital

Green, Carol

The Final Battles of the Petersburg Campaign

Breaking the Backbone of the Rebellion

Greene, A. Wilson

Whatever You Resolve to Be

Essays on Stonewall Jackson

Greene, A. Wilson

The Bell Witch in Myth and Memory

From Local Legend to International Folktale

Gregory, Rick

Stories of Nation

Fictions, Politics, and the American Experience

Griffin, Martin and Christopher Hebert, eds.

Three Years a Soldier

The Diary and Newspaper Correspondence of Private George Perkins, Sixth New York Independent Battery, 1861-1864

Griffin, Richard N., ed.

The Union Must Stand

The Civil War Diary of John Quincy Adams Campbell, Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Grimsley, Mark, and Todd D. Miller, eds.

Mountain Rebels

East Tennessee Confederates and the Civil War, 1860-1870

Groce, W. Todd

Nineteenth-Century America

Essays in Honor of Paul H. Bergeron

Groce, W. Todd, and Stephen V. Ash, eds.

Fool's Parade

Grubb, Davis

The Galax Gatherers

The Gospel among the Highlanders

Guerrant, Edward O.

Face Boss

The Memoir of a Western Kentucky Coal Miner

Guillerman, Michael D.

No Space Hidden

The Spirit of African American Yard Work

Gundaker, Grey, and Judith McWillie

Journeyman's Road

Modern Blues Lives from Faulkner's Mississippi to Post-9/11 New York

Gussow, Adam

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