Southern Progressivism, 2nd edition with a New Preface

The Reconciliation of Progress and Tradition

  • Author(s): Grantham, Dewey
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  • Publication Date: 0000-00-00
  • Status: Active
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“For an understanding of what was happening and what southern progressivism was all about, [Grantham] has produced a monumental history and resource which may be added to and reinterpreted, but it not likely to be superseded.” —David Chalmers, Reviews in American History

“The rich detail and comprehensiveness of Grantham’s examination of the South in the first two decades of the twentieth century makes this a definitive work on the topic.” —Library Journal

“[Grantham’s] masterful synthesis of forty years of scholarship makes the study preeminent in the field.” —James A. Tinsley, Southwestern Historical Quarterly