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A Dark Pathway

Precontact Native American Mud Glyphs From 1st Unnamed Cave, Tennessee

Simek, Jan F.

A Historical Archaeology of Delaware

People, Contexts, and the Cultures of Agriculture

De Cunzo, Lu Ann

Archaeological Adaptation

Case Studies of Cultural Transformation from the Southeast and Caribbean

Boyd Jr, Clifford C., editor

Archaeological Perspectives on the Southern Appalachians

A Multiscalar Approach

Meyers, Maureen and Ramie A. Gougeon, eds.

Archaeology, Narrative, and the Politics of the Past

The View from Southern Maryland

King, Julia A.

Beauty and Convenience

Architecture and Order in the New Republic

Small, Nora Pat

Building Environments

Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, Volume X

Breisch, Kenneth A., and Alison K. Hoagland

Building Power

Architecture and Surveillance in Victorian America

Andrzejewski, Anna Vemer

Cave Archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands

Papers in Honor of Patty Jo Watson

Dye, David H.

Characteristically American

Memorial Architecture, National Identity, and the Egyptian Revival

Giguere, Joy

Cheap and Tasteful Dwellings

Design Competitions and the Convenient Interior

Jennings, Jan

Company Suburbs

Architecture, Power, and the Transformation of Michigan's Mining Frontier

Scarlett, Sarah Fayen

Constructing Image, Identity, and Place

Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, IX

Hoagland, Alison K., and Kenneth A. Breisch, eds.

Eastern Band Cherokee Women

Cultural Persistence in Their Letters and Speeches

Carney, Virginia Moore

Engendering African American Archaeology

A Southern Perspective

Galle, Jillian E., and Amy L. Young, eds.

Experiencing American Houses

Understanding How Domestic Architecture Works

Cromley, Elizabeth Collins

Feasting with Shellfish in the Southern Ohio Valley

Archaic Sacred Sites and Rituals

Claassen, Cheryl

Folklife along the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River

Howell, Benita J.

From Cahokia to Larson to Moundville

Death, World Renewal, and the Sacred in the Mississippian Social World of the Lake Prehistoric Eastern Woodlands

Byers, A. Martin

From the Miners' Doublehouse

Archaeology and Landscape in a Pennsylvania Coal Company Town

Metheny, Karen Bescherer

Historical Archaeology of Arkansas

A Hidden Diversity

Drexler, Carl

Historical Archaeology of the Delaware Valley, 1600-1850

Veit, Richard, and David Orr, eds.

Historical Archaeology of the Irish Diaspora

A Transnational Approach

Brighton, Stephen A.

Houses without Names

Architectural Nomenclature and the Classification of America's Common Houses

Hubka, Thomas C.

Indian Knoll

Webb, William S.

Invitation to Vernacular Architecture

A Guide to the Study of Ordinary Buildings and Landscapes

Carter, Thomas, and Elizabeth Collins Cromley

Landscape and Material Life

In Franklin County, Massachusetts, 1770-1860

Garrison, J. Ritchie

Landscape Archaeology

Reading Interpreting the American Historical Landscape, First Edition with a new Preface

Yamin, Rebecca and Karen Metheny, eds.

Landscape of Transformations

Architecture and Birmingham, Alabama

Fazio, Michael W.

Masonic Temples

Freemasonry, Ritual Architecture, and Masculine Archetypes

Moore, William D.

Massacre at Cavett's Station

Frontier Tennessee during the Cherokee Wars

Faulkner, Charles H.

Mississippian Smoking Ritual in the Southern Appalachian Region

Blanton, Dennis B.

Museums and Memory

Huber, Margaret Wilson

Nashville Architecture

A Guide to the City

Van West, Carroll

Native American Landscapes

An Engendered Perspective

Claassen, Cheryl

Native American Log Cabins in the Southeast

Waselkov, Gregory A., editor

Native Intoxicants of North America

Rafferty, Sean

New South Indians

Tribal Economics and the Eastern Band of Cherokee in the Twentieth Century

Oakley, Christopher Arris

New Worlds of Violence

Cultures and Conquests in the Early American Southeast

Jennings, Matthew

Rediscovering Fort Sanders

The American Civil War and Its Impact on Knoxville's Cultural Landscape

Faulkner, Terry and Charles H. Faulkner

Remembering Roadside America

Preserving the Recent Past as Landscape and Place

Jakle, John A., and Keith A. Sculle

Remnants of America's Southeast Aboriginals

Paleo to Mississippian

Miller, Maury E.

Slavery in the Age of Reason

Archaeology at a New England Farm

Chan, Alexandra

Tellico Archaeology, 3rd Edition

12,000 Years of Native American History

Chapman, Jefferson

Tennessee Log Buildings

A Folk Tradition

Rehder, John B.

The Art of Anthropology / The Anthropology of Art

Lundy, Brandon

The Cherokee Indian Nation

A Troubled History

King, Duane H.

The Garage

Automobility and Building Innovation in America's Early Auto Age

Jakle, John and Keith Sculle

The Legacy of American Copper Smelting

Industrial Heritage versus Environmental Policy

Morin, Bode J.

The Limits of Tyranny

Delle, James A.

The Prehistoric Native American Art of Mud Glyph Cave

Faulkner, Charles H., ed.

The Ramseys at Swan Pond

The Archaeology and History of an East Tennessee Farm

Faulkner, Charles H.

The Springfield Gas Machine

Illuminating Industry and Leisure, 1860s-1920s

Linebaugh, Donald W.

The Vital Dead

Making Meaning, Identity, and Community through Cemeteries

Bell, Alison

They Worked Regular

Craft, Labor, and Family in the Industrial Community of Virginius Island

Palus, Matthew M., and Paul A. Shackel

Tribes that Slumber

Indians of the Tennessee Region

Lewis, Thomas M. N., and Madeline Kneberg

Tuckaleechee Cove

A Passage through Time

Norrell, Robert J. and Boyce N. Driskell

TVA Archaeology

Seventy-Five Years of Prehistoric Site Research

Pritchard, Erin E., ed.

William Strickland and the Creation of an American Architecture

Russell, Robert