Ice 'n' Go

Score in Sports and Life

Moshak, Jenny and Debby Schriver


Images of the New Jerusalem

Latter Day Saint Faction Interpretations of Independence, Missouri

Campbell, Craig S.


In Memory of Self and Comrades

Thomas Wallace Colley's Recollections of Civil War Service in the 1st Virginia Cavalry

Shaffer, Michael K.


In the Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing

Traditional Recipes for Modern Use

Liles, J.N.


In the Footsteps of Champions

The University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, the First Three Decades

Schriver, Debby


In the Hands of a Happy God

The "No-Hellers" of Central Appalachia

Dorgan, Howard


In the House of the Serpent Handler

A Story of Faith and Fleeting Fame in the Age of Social Media

Duin, Julia


In the Name of the Father

The Rhetoric of the New Southern Baptist Convention

Kell, Carl L.


In the Name of the Father

The Rhetoric of the New Southern Baptist Convention

Kell, Carl L. and Raymond L. Camp


In the Shadow of Boone and Crockett

Race, Culture, and the Politics of Representation in the Upland South

Hartman, Ian C.


In the Shadow of the Enemy

The Civil War Journal of Ida Powell Dulaney

Mackall, Mary L., Stevan F. Meserve, and Anne Mackall Sasscer, eds.


In the Tennessee Mountains

Murfree, Mary Noailles


In the Vineyard

Working in African American Studies

Hall, Perry A.


In the Wake of the Sun

Navigating the Southern Works of Cormac McCarthy

Walsh, J. Christopher


Indian Knoll

Webb, William S.


Industry Technology in Antebellum Tennessee

Council, R. Bruce, Nicholas Honerkamp, and M. Elizabeth Will



Highway Politics and Policy Since 1939

Rose, Mark H., and Raymond A. Mohl


Interviewing Appalachia

Appalachian Journal Interviews 1978-1992

Williamson, J.W.


Into the Classroom

A Practical Guide for Starting Student Teaching

McKeown, Rosalyn


Inventing Black Women

African American Women Poets and Self-Representation, 1877Ð2000

Mance, Ajuan Maria


Investigating Our Experience in the World

A Primer on Qualitative Inquiry

Morgan, April


Invitation to Vernacular Architecture

A Guide to the Study of Ordinary Buildings and Landscapes

Carter, Thomas, and Elizabeth Collins Cromley


Iris Murdoch Connected

Critical Essays on Her Fiction and Philosophy

Luprecht, Mark


Irish Libraries

Archives, Museums, and Genealogical Centres

O'Neill, Robert K.


Iroquoian Archaeology and Analytic Scale

Miroff, Laurie E., and Timothy D. Knapp, eds.

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