Halloween and other Festivals of Life and Death

Santino, Jack

Handcraft Revival Southern Appalachia, 1930-1990

Barker, Garry G.

Happy in the Service of the Lord

African-American Sacred Vocal Harmony Quartets in Memphis

Lornell, Kip

Happy Vagrancy

Essays from an Easy Chair

Pickering, Sam

Hard-Fighting Soldiers

A History of African American Churches of Christ

Robinson, Edward J.

Haunting Memories

Echoes and Images of Tennessee's Past

Patterson, Christine P., photographs, and Wilma Dykeman, text

Hawk's Nest

A Novel

Skidmore, Hubert

Hazzan Mordecai Gustav Heiser

An Artist, His Art, and the Cantor Tradition in America

Schmidt, Gilya Gerda

Held Captive by Indians

Selected Narratives, 1642-1836

Vanderbeets, Richard

Her Words

Diverse Voices in Contemporary Appalachian Women's Poetry

Mitchell, Felicia

Her Words

Diverse Voices in Contemporary Appalachian Women's Poetry

Mitchell, Felicia

Hero Strong and Other Stories

Tales of Girlhood Ambition, Female Masculinity, and Women's Worldly Achievement in Antebellum America

Gibson, Mary F. W.; edited by Daniel Cohen

High Private

The Trans-Mississippi Correspondence of Humorist R. R. Gilbert, 1862–1865

Cronin, Mary M., editor

Higher Ground

A Century of the Visual Arts in East Tennessee

Wicks, Stephen C., editor

Highlander, 2nd edition

No Ordinary School

Glen, John M.

Highway 61

Heart of the Delta

Norris, Randall, and Jean-Philippe Cyprés

Hiking the Big South Fork, Third Edition

Deaver, Brenda G., Jo Anna Smith, and Howard Ray Duncan

Hiking Trails of the Great Smoky Mountains, 2nd edition

A Comprehensive Guide

Wise, Kenneth

Historical Archaeology of Arkansas

A Hidden Diversity

Drexler, Carl

Historical Archaeology of the Delaware Valley, 1600-1850

Veit, Richard, and David Orr, eds.

Historical Archaeology of the Irish Diaspora

A Transnational Approach

Brighton, Stephen A.

Hoffa in Tennessee

The Chattanooga Trial That Brought Down an Icon

Nicely, Maury


Folk Building and Social Change in an Appalachian Community

Martin, Charles E.

Holy Boldness

Women Preachers' Autobiographies and the Sanctified Self

Stanley, Susie C.

Home to Us

Six Stories of Saving the Land

Willse, Varina


A Book of Tennessee Writers

Paschall, Douglas


Book of Tennessee Writers

Tickle, Phyllis

Horace Kephart


Frizzell, George and Mae Miller Claxton, eds.

House of Gathering

Poets on May Sartons Poetry

Kallet, Marilyn

Houses without Names

Architectural Nomenclature and the Classification of America's Common Houses

Hubka, Thomas C.

How Boston Played

Sport, Recreation, and Community, 1856-1915

Hardy, Stephen

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