Gardening with the Native Plants of Tennessee

The Spirit of Place

Hunter, Margie

Gender, Class, and Shelter

Perspectives in Vernacular Archticture V

Cromley, Elizabeth Collins, and Carter L. Hudgins, eds.

General Hylan B. Lyon

A Kentucky Confederate and the War in the West

Lee, Dan

Gentlemen Merchants

A Charleston Family's Odyssey, 1828-1870

Racine, Philip N.

George S. Schuyler

Portrait of a Black Conservative

Williams, Oscar R.

Germantown during the Civil War Era

A Reversal of Fortune

Browder, George C.

Ghost Birds

Jim Tanner and the Quest for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, 1935-1941

Bales, Stephen Lyn

Ghostly Parallels

Robert Penn Warren and the Lyric Poetic Sequence

Runyon, Randolph Paul

Ghosts along the Cumberland

Deathlore in the Kentucky Foothills

Montell, William Lynwood

Giving Glory to God in Appalachia

Worship Practices of Six Baptist Subdenominations

Dorgan, Howard

Global Connections and Local Receptions

New Latino Immigration to the Southeastern United States

Ansley, Fran, and Jon Shefner, eds.

God’s Rascal, Second Edition

J. Frank Norris and the Beginnings of Southern Fundamentalism

Hankins, Barry

Goodbye Christ?

Christianity, Masculinity, and the New Negro Renaissance

Powers, Peter Kerry

Goodness Gracious, Miss Agnes

Patchwork of Country Living

Knox, Lera

Government and Politics in Tennessee

Lyons, William, John M. Scheb II, and Billy Stair

Government and Politics in Tennessee, Second Edition

Lyons, William, John M. Scheb II, William K. Stair, and Joseph Gregory Jarret

Graceful Women

Gender and Identity in an American Sikh Community

Elsberg, Constance Waeber

Grant, Lincoln and the Freedmen

Reminiscences of the Civil War by John Eaton

Smith, John David and Micheal J. Larson, editors

Grantland Rice and His Heroes

The Sportswriter as Mythmaker in the 1920s

Inabinett, Mark

Grassroots Music in the Upper Cumberland

Montell, William Lynwood, ed.

Gray Gold

Lead Mining and Its Impact on the Natural and Cultural Environment, 1700–1840

Chambers, Mark

Great Smokies, Revised Edition with a New Preface

From Natural Habitat to National Park

Pierce, Daniel S.

Great Things Are Expected of Us

The Letters of Colonel C. Irvine Walker, 10th South Carolina Infantry, C.S.A.

White, William Lee, and Charles Denny Runion, eds.


Fifty Years of Environmental Muckraking and Advocacy

Frome, Michael


The Journal for Writers

Pence, Charlotte


The Journal for Writers, Issue 1

English Department

Guide to the Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Tennessee

Wofford, Eugene, and Edward W. Chester

Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee

Chester, Edward W., Eugene B. Wofford, Joey Shaw, Dwayne Estes, and David H. Webb

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