A Pivotal Moment in American Sports

Nicholson, James C.

NAACP Youth and the Fight for Black Freedom, 1936-1965

Bynum, Thomas

Napoleon and Egyptomania in Tennessee

Evans, Elaine Altman


The Occupied City, 1862-1863

Durham, Walter T.


An American Self Portrait

Egerton, John and E. Thomas Wood, eds.

Native American Landscapes

An Engendered Perspective

Claassen, Cheryl

Native American Log Cabins in the Southeast

Waselkov, Gregory A., editor

Native Intoxicants of North America

Rafferty, Sean

Natural Histories

Stories from the Tennessee Valley

Bales, Stephen Lyn

Natural Histories Notecards

Bales, Lyn

Nature and Command

On the Metaphysical Foundations of Morality

Clanton, J. Caleb and Kraig Martin, eds.

Never Been Rich

The Life and Work of a Southern Ruralist Writer, Harry Harrison Kroll

Saunders, Richard

New Essays on Phillis Wheatley

Shields, John C., and Eric D. Lamore, eds.

New Negroes and Their Music

Success of the Harlem Renaissance

Spencer, Jon Michael

New Old Fashioned Ways

Holidays and Popular Culture

Santino, Jack

New South Indians

Tribal Economics and the Eastern Band of Cherokee in the Twentieth Century

Oakley, Christopher Arris

New Worlds of Violence

Cultures and Conquests in the Early American Southeast

Jennings, Matthew

Nickelodeons and Black Vaudeville

The Forgotten Story of Amanda Thorp

Wong, Kathi Clark

Nineteenth-Century America

Essays in Honor of Paul H. Bergeron

Groce, W. Todd, and Stephen V. Ash, eds.

No Pardons to Ask, Nor Apologies to Make

The Journal of William Henry King, Gray's 28th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Joiner, Gary D., Marilyn S. Joiner, and Clifton D. Cardin, eds.

No Peace for the Wicked

Northern Protestant Soldiers and the American Civil War

Rolfs, David

No Space Hidden

The Spirit of African American Yard Work

Gundaker, Grey, and Judith McWillie

North American Zooarchaeology

Reflections on History and Continuity

Dennison, Meagan E., Jennifer L. Green, and Samantha N. Upton

North Carolina English, 1861-1865

A Guide and Glossary

Ellis, Michael E.

North Carolina's Experience during the First World War

McKinley, Shepherd W. and Steven Sabol, eds.

Notes of the Mexican War, 1846-1848

Oswandel, J. Jacob

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