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Spring/Summer 2014

A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era
Volume 4, Judicial Decisions, 1867–1896
Mackey, Thomas C. $70.00 Preorder Today
A Nation Forged in War
How World War II Taught Americans to Get Along
Bruscino, Thomas $25.95 Preorder Today
All-American Redneck
Variations on an Icon, from James Fenimore Cooper to the Dixie Chicks
Ferrence, Matthew $51.00
Arming the Nation for War
Mobilization, Supply, and the American War Effort in World War II
Patterson, Robert P. $48.00 Preorder Today
Beowulf and the Appositive Style

Robinson, Fred C. $19.95 Preorder Today
Change and Conflict in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps since 1945

Loveland, Anne C. $64.00 Preorder Today
Characteristically American
Memorial Architecture, National Identity, and the Egyptian Revival
Giguere, Joy M. $74.95 Preorder Today
Chasing the Wind
Inside the Alternative Energy Battle
Johnson, Rody $29.95
Delta Fragments
The Recollections of a Sharecropper’s Son
Hodges, John Oliver $22.50
Eastern Band Cherokee Women
Cultural Persistence in Their Letters and Speeches
Carney, Virginia Moore $24.95 Preorder Today
Eyewitness to Genocide
The Operation Reinhard Death Camp Trials, 1955–1966
Bryant, Michael S. $69.00 Preorder Today
Freedom’s Delay
America’s Struggle for Emancipation, 1776–1865
Carden, Allen $29.95 Preorder Today
“Hero-Strong” and Other Stories
Tales of Girlhood Ambition, Female Masculinity, and Women’s Worldly Achievement in Antebellum America
Gibson, Mary F. W. $69.00 Preorder Today
Hiking Trails of the Great Smoky Mountains

Wise, Kenneth $34.95 Preorder Today
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
An Annotated Edition of the James Agee–Walker Evans Classic, with Supplementary Manuscripts
Davis, Hugh, ed. $103.00 Preorder Today
Making an Atlantic World
Circles, Paths, and Stories from the Colonial South
Carson, James Taylor $22.50 Preorder Today
Masonic Temples
Freemasonry, Ritual Architecture, and Masculine Archetypes
Moore, William D. $24.95 Preorder Today
Mountaineers in Gray
The Nineteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
Fowler, John D. $27.95 Preorder Today
On a Great Battlefield
The Making, Management, and Memory of Gettysburg National Military Park, 1933–2012
Murray, Jennifer M. $49.00 Preorder Today
Southern Women Novelists and the Civil War
Trauma and Collective Memory in the American Literary Tradition since 1861
Talley, Sharon $74.00
Tellico Archaeology
12,000 Years of Native American History
Chapman, Jefferson $20.00
The Art of Anthropology/The Anthropology of Art

Lundy, Brandon D. $35.00 Preorder Today
The Art of Anthropology/The Anthropology of Art

Lundy, Brandon D. $35.00 Preorder Today
The Diary of Nannie Haskins Williams
A Southern Woman’s Story of Rebellion and Reconstruction, 1863–1890
Uffelman, Minoa, Ellen Kanervo, Phyllis Smith, and Eleanor Williams, eds. $34.95 Preorder Today
The Last Bizarre Tale
Stories by David Madden
Madden, David $24.95 Preorder Today
World’s Fairs in a Southern Accent
Atlanta, Nashville, and Charleston, 1895–1902
Harvey, Bruce G. $83.00 Preorder Today