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Fall/Winter 2014

Archaeological Perspectives of the Southern Appalachians
A Multiscalar Approach
Gougeon, Ramie, and Maureen Meyers, eds. $84.95 Preorder Today
Arthur Morgan
A Progressive Vision for American Reform
Purcell, Aaron $45.95 Preorder Today
Before the Volunteer State
New Thoughts on Early Tennessee History, 1540–1800
Ray, Kristofer, ed. $57.00 Preorder Today
Built with Faith
Italian American Imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City
Sciorra, Joseph $65.00 Preorder Today
Couldn’t Have a Wedding without the Fiddler
The Story of Traditional Fiddling on Prince Edward Island
Perlman, Ken $39.95 Preorder Today
From Cahokia to Larson to Moundville
Death, World Renewal, and the Sacred in the Mississippian Social World of the Late Prehistoric Woodlands
Byers, A. Martin $60.00 Preorder Today
Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee

Chester, Edward W., Eugene B. Wofford, Joey Shaw, Dwayne Estes, and David H. Webb $49.95 Preorder Today
Iris Murdoch Connected
Critical Essays on Her Fiction and Philosophy
Luprecht, Mark, ed. $60.00 Preorder Today
Met His Every Goal?
James K. Polk and the Legends of Manifest Destiny
Chaffin, Tom $19.95
More American than Southern
Kentucky, Slavery, and the War for an American Ideology, 1828–1861
Matthews, Gary R. $60.00 Preorder Today
The Afternoon Hiker
A Guide to Casual Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains
Stepp, J. L., and Lin Stepp $19.95
The Exiled Generatons
Legacies of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War
Kell, Carl, ed. $35.95 Preorder Today
The Limits of Tyranny
Archaeological Perspectives on the Struggle against New World Slavery
Delle, James A., ed. $84.95 Preorder Today
Through the Howling Wilderness
The 1864 Red River Campaign and Union Failure in the West
Joiner, Gary D. $25.95
To Live and Die in Dixie
Native Northerners Who Fought for the Confederacy
Zimring, David $59.95
To Retain Command of the Mississippi
The Civil War Naval Campaign for Memphis
McCaul, Edward B., Jr. $55.00 Preorder Today
Unmasking the African Dictator
Essays on Postcolonial African Literature
Ndigirigi, Ginchingiri, ed. $61.00