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Couldn’t Have a Wedding without the Fiddler: The Story of Traditional Fiddling on Prince Edward Island
Ken Perlman

Couldn’t Have a Wedding without the Fiddler: The Story of Traditional Fiddling on Prince Edward Island

“Ken Perlman’s book is a watershed accomplishment in the study of a grassroots art form. It supplies a rich and textured analysis of a fiddle tradition that, till now, has been virtually ignored in scholarly research. It is an extraordinary body of research, incorporating numerous quotations from interviews that profile the tradition in the words of its participants, and a model for artistic ethnography.” —Alan Jabbour, former director of the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress

With an eye for details and an ear for nuance, Ken Perlman’s in-depth study deftly deconstructs Prince Edward Island’s distinctive fiddle culture, artfully embedding the music in its social milieu. The result, like a well-played reel, is deeply satisfying. . . . —Edward MacDonald, author of If You’re Stronghearted: Prince Edward Island in the Twentieth Century

Built with Faith: Italian American Imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City
Joseph Sciorra

Built with Faith: Itailan American imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City

“No one knows the world of Italian American Catholicism in contemporary New York better than Joseph Sciorra. In the five brilliant case studies that make up this book, Sciorra explores how Italian Americans construct, by hand, their religious environment—in their homes, in the streets, yards, and sidewalks of the city—in a kind of sacred sweat equity. Like the artisans he writes about, Sciorra is a master craftsman, and Built with Faith shows him at the height of his powers.” —Robert A. Orsi, author of The Madonna of 115th Street: Faith and Community in Italian Harlem, 1880–1950

The Exiled Generations: Legacies of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War
Edited by Carl L. Kell
Postscript by Molly T. Marshall

The Exiled Generations: Legacies of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War

“Here is the lost generation of SBC moderates, who narrate heartbreaking stories of religious expatriation and spiritual wandering. . . . There are heartwarming tales, too, of forgiveness, reconciliation, and grace as these sons and daughters mature into adults and discover new spiritual homes.” —Elizabeth H. Flowers, author of Into the Pulpit: Southern Baptist Women and Power since World War II

Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee
Available for your phone or tablet
Compiled And Edited By Members of the Tennessee Flora Committee
Edward W. Chester, B. Eugene Wofford,
Joey Shaw, Dwayne Estes, and David H. Webb

Guide to the Vascular Plants of Tennessee

  • GREAT FOR researchers, students, environmentalists, foresters, conservationists, and anyone interested in Tennessee’s botanical legacy
  • THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE, detailed, and up-to-date resource of its kind for the flora of the Volunteer State, home to nearly 2,900 documented taxa
  • PROVIDES KEYS FOR IDENTIFYING the major groups, families, genera, species, and lesser taxa known to be native or naturalized within the state
  • COMPREHENSIVE GLOSSARY of botanical terms and an array of line drawings that illustrate the identifying characteristics of vascular plants, from leaf shape and surface features to floral morphology and fruit types
  • EXTENSIVE KEYS are indexed by families, scientific names, and common names

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Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog

Before the Volunteer State

New Thoughts on Early Tennessee, 1540–1800

Edited by Kristofer Ray

These essays provide a gateway through which to reimagine early Tennessee history—a reimagining that demonstrates the significance of the Volunteer State within broader trends in early modern, southern, trans-Appalachian, and Atlantic World history.

To Live and Die in Dixie

Native Northerners Who Fought for the Confederacy

David Ross Zimring

“David Zimring's writing style is a model of clarity, and his treatment of this significant topic will engage Civil War historians, particularly those who focus on the Confederacy.” —Wallace Hettle, author of Inventing Stonewall Jackson: A Civil War Hero in History and Memory

“Based on voluminous primary sources, Zimring’s work represents the most comprehensive study of one of the most intriguing, but rarely examined, groups of Civil War participants.” —Robert C. Kenzer, Enterprising Southerners: Black Economic Success in North Carolina, 1865–1915

A Documentary History of the American Civil War Era

Volume 4, Judicial Decisions, 1867–1896

Edited by Thomas C. Mackey
Voices of the Civil War
Michael P. Gray, series editor

These judicial voices constitute a lasting and often overlooked aspect of the age of Abraham Lincoln. Mackey’s headnotes and introductory essays situate cases within their historical context and trace their lasting significance. In contrast to decisions handed down during the war, these judicial decisions lasted well past their immediate political and legal moment and deserve continued scholarship and scrutiny.