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As Far As the Eye Can See:
Reflections of an Appalachian Trail Hiker

Fourth Edition
David Brill

As Far As the Eye Can See book cover

This new edition of David Brill’s classic includes two new chapters: “A Passage, at Midlife along the Smokies AT” and “On the Trail of Benton MacKaye—Again.” They recount a time of reawakening in the author’s life, when Brill pulled his backpack off its peg in the shed and took to the trail once more, returning to the woods not as visitor but as a man most at home in the forested mountains of the majestic Appalachians. 
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The Reptiles of Tennessee
Matthew Niemiller, Graham Reynolds, and Brian Miller

The Reptiles of Tennessee book cover

The Amphibians of Tennessee editors Matthew Niemiller and Graham Reynolds have teamed with fellow biologist Brian Miller to present The Reptiles of Tennessee. Reptiles offers the first authoritative overview of all sixty native species of reptiles occurring in Tennessee. Both a field guide and a scientific reference, this definitive work will prove useful to professionals who work with reptiles for a living as well as those just curious about the various creatures living in their own backyards. 
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Liminal Zones:
Where Lakes End and Rivers Begin

Kim Trevathan

Liminal Zones book cover

After the death of his paddling companion, a German shepherd–Labrador retriever mix named Jasper, Kim Trevathan began a series of solitary upstream kayaking quests in search of what he calls “liminal zones,” transitional areas where dammed reservoirs give way to the current of the rivers that feed them. For four years he scoured the rivers and lakes of America, where environmentally damaging, and now decaying, man-made structures have transformed the waterways. In this thoughtful work, he details his upriver adventures, describing the ecological and aesthetic differences between a dammed river and a free-flowing river and exploring the implications of what liminal zones represent—a reassertion of pure, unadulterated nature over engineered bodies of water. 
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Remembering Durwood Dunn

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of our author and friend, Durwood Dunn. His book Cades Cove: The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community, 1818–1937 remains the definitive study of this unique Smoky Mountain location. Read the obituary in the Daily Post-Athenian.

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Crime of the Century
The Kennedy Assassination from a Historian’s Perspective
Third Edition

Michael L. Kurtz

“Kurtz offers the most compelling, readable, and novel treatment of America’s most controversial assassination case, and does so with no taint of sensationalism.” —Choice

Crime of the Century recounts the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, and provides a detailed analysis of the investigations of the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations. This third edition includes a new introduction, based on updated information about the assassination since the second edition was published in 1993, including material from the National Archives and several major recent interpretations of the events. Read more. Buy.

Read a recent article by Michael Kurtz discussing the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination.

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