Tennessee Studies in Literature


At Home and Abroad

Historicizing Twentieth-Century Whiteness in Literature and Performance

Jennings, La Vinia Delois, ed.


Black American Poets Between Worlds, 1940-1960

Tennessee Studies In Literature, Volume 30

Miller, R. Baxter


Feminism Utopia Narrative

Tennessee Studies In Literature, Volume 32

Author Libby Falk Jones, Contributor Sarah Webster Goodwin


First English Novelists

Essays In Understanding

Author J.M. Armistead


House of Gathering

Poets on May Sartons Poetry

Kallet, Marilyn


Iris Murdoch Connected

Critical Essays on Her Fiction and Philosophy

Luprecht, Mark


James Agee


Lofaro, Michael A.


Perspectives on Rhetorical Invention

Atwill, Janet M., and Janice M. Lauer, eds.


Place, Space, and Landscape in Medieval Narrative

Howes, Laura L., ed.


Reality's Dark Light

The Sensational Wilkie Collins

Bachman, Maria K., and Don Richard Cox, eds.


Standardizing English

Essays History Language Change

Author Joseph B. Trahern, Jr.


Stories of Nation

Fictions, Politics, and the American Experience

Griffin, Martin and Christopher Hebert, eds.


Teaching Wallace Stevens

Practical Essays

Author John N. Serio, Contributor B.J. Leggett


The Limits of Literary Historicism

Dunn, Allen and Thomas Haddox, eds.


Twisted from the Ordinary

Essays on American Literary Naturalism

Papke, Mary E.


Unmasking the African Dictator

Essays on Postcolonial African Literature

Ndigirigi, Gichingiri


Visual Media and the Humanities

A Pedagogy of Representation

McBride, Kecia Driver, editor