Legacies of War

A Nation Forged in War

How World War II Taught Americans to Get Along

Bruscino, Thomas

American Global Leadership

Ailing US Diplomacy and Solutions for the Twenty-First Century

Davis, G. Doug and Michael O. Slobodchikoff, editors

Arming America through the Centuries

War, Business, and Building a National Security State

Cooling, Benjamin Franklin

Arming the Nation for War

Mobilization, Supply, and the American War Effort in World War II

Patterson, Robert P.

Change and Conflict in the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps since 1945

Loveland, Anne C.

Citizen of Empire

Ethel Thomas Herold, an American in the Philippines

Kaminski, Theresa

D-Day Remembered

The Normandy Landings in American Collective Memory

Dolski, Michael

Eyewitness to Genocide

The Operation Reinhard Death Camp Trials, 1955-1966

Bryant, Michael

Men in German Uniform

POWs in America during World War II

Thompson, Antonio

Peace in the Mountains

Northern Appalachian Students Protest the Vietnam War

Weyant, Thomas

Pogiebait's War

A Son's Quest for His Father's Wartime Life, Second Edition

McCall, Jr., Jack H.

Samuel Stouffer and the GI Survey

Sociologists and Soldiers during the Second World War

Ryan, Joseph W.

Small Wars

Low-Intensity Threats and the American Response since Vietnam

Gambone, Michael

The American War in Viet Nam

Cultural Memories at the Turn of the Century

Eastman, Susan Lyn

The Last Letter

A Father's Struggle, a Daughter's Quest, and the Long Shadow of the Holocaust

Gordon, Karen Baum

The World War I Memoirs of Robert P. Patterson

A Captain in the Great War

Clifford, Gary J.

William Howard Taft and the Philippines

A Blueprint for Empire

Burns, Adam D.

Working for Peace and Justice

Memoirs of an Activist Intellectual

Wittner, Lawrence S.