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Rising from the Ashes

  This catalog documents a 2022 exhibition of original editorial illustrations commissioned by the University of Tennessee Libraries to complement the Chimney Tops 2 Wildfires Oral History Project. The four illustrators showcased here have strong ties to East Tennessee. Paige Braddock, author of the Eisner-nominated comic strip Jane’s World and Chief Creative Officer at Charles… Continue Reading

Ephemeral by Nature

  “Reading Ephemeral by Nature is the next best thing to talking a walk with Stephen Lyn Bales. In addition to describing the plants and animals readers will encounter, Bales scouts out hidden side trails. A look at jack-in-the-pulpit will turn up dinosaurs, Darwin, and Finding Nemo, and consideration of cerulean warblers will lead to… Continue Reading

Natural Histories

In sixteen thoroughly engaging essays, naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales ventures far and wide among the richly diverse flora and fauna of his native Tennessee Valley. Whether describing the nocturnal habits of the elusive whip-poor-will, the pivotal role the hedge plant Osage orange played in a key Civil War battle, or the political firestorm that attended… Continue Reading

Religion in the Contemporary South

Religion has always been crucial to the cultural identity of the South. The field of southern religious studies is quite young, however, and most scholarship has ocused on the kinds of evangelical fundamentalist activity for which the phrase”Bible Belt” was coined. Religion in the Contemporary South is the first book to fully address the emerging… Continue Reading

King Cottons Advocate

One of the largest cotton planters in the United States, Oscar G. Johnston of Mississippi (1880–1955) became King Cotton’s most effective advocate during the New Deal era. In this biography, Lawrence J. Nelson explores Johnston’s long career and the critical role he played in shaping public policy toward a vital but depressed industry. In 1927,… Continue Reading

Ghost Birds

“Everyone who is interested in the ivory-billed woodpecker will want to read this book—from scientists who wish to examine the data from all the places Tanner explored to the average person who just wants to read a compelling story.”—Tim Gallagher, author of The Grail Bird: The Rediscovery of the IVory-billed Woodpecker In 1935 naturalist James… Continue Reading