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Ephemeral by Nature

  “Reading Ephemeral by Nature is the next best thing to talking a walk with Stephen Lyn Bales. In addition to describing the plants and animals readers will encounter, Bales Continue Reading

Natural Histories

In sixteen thoroughly engaging essays, naturalist Stephen Lyn Bales ventures far and wide among the richly diverse flora and fauna of his native Tennessee Valley. Whether describing the nocturnal habits… Continue Reading

Ghost Birds

…detail, the scientist’sdogged quest for the ivory-bill as he chased down leads in eight southern states. With Stephen Lyn Bales as our guide, we experience the same awe and excitement… Continue Reading

King Cottons Advocate

…cotton stabilization. He also developed and managed the federal Cotton Pool, which, in the mid-1930s, dispensed nearly two million bales of cotton at a profit to its farmer-members. Johnston’s activities… Continue Reading

Religion in the Contemporary South

…Ridgely Bales examines the state of southern Catholicism in “Sweet Tea and Rosary Beads,” and in “Quiet Revolutionaries,” D. Jonathan Grieser, Corrie E. Norman, and Don S. Armentrout discuss the… Continue Reading