Valley So Wild

A Folk History

  • Author(s): Author Carson Brewer, Author Alberta Brewer
  • Series:
  • Imprint: East Tenn Historical Society
  • Publication Date: 2002-11-27
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Starting high in the Georgia Blue Ridge near Rabun Gap, the Little Tennessee River cuts a tortuous northwestward path 134 miles through North Carolina into Tennessee. The valley carved by the river is particularly rich in human value and physical grandeur; its engrossing history comes alive in Valley So Wild. From its prehistoric origins through 250 years of recorded history, the Little Tennessee River Valley’s geography had remained remarkably unchanged. In this folk history, you will gain insight into the people of the valley, their daily lives, their ingenious artisanship, and the richness of their ‘have-not” culture.

The Authors: Alberta Brewer was a  United Press bureau writer and manager in Jacksonville, Knoxville and Nashville. A longtime reporter and columnist for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Carson Brewer is also author of the well-received Hiking in the Great Smokies.