Strangers in High Places, Expanded Edition

The Story of the Great Smoky Mountains

  • Author(s): Frome, Michael
  • Series:
  • Imprint: Univ Tennessee Press
  • Publication Date: 1994-05-05
  • Status: Active
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In this expanded edition of his classic Strangers in High Places, Michael Frome continues to capture the attention and admiration of nature lovers, environmentalists, and professionals as he reviews the last quarter-century in and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Frome’s superbly written account tells the story of the Great Smoky Mountains and their inhabitants—Eastern Cherokee, back-country settlers, lumbermen, moonshiners, bears and boars.  Frome chronicles the power struggles, legislation, and land transactions surrounding the creation of the national park and discusses the continuing threats to the park’s natural beauty.  Frome’s recent conversations with residents, new and old, along with a complement of historic and contemporary photographs, confirm the views stated in the book’s original 1966 edition.

The author brings his knowledge, experience, and insights to bear on “one of God’s special places.” He suggests alternatives to commercial overdevelopment and the destruction of the Great Smokies’ flora and fauna, citing recent cases such as the Tellico Dam project and the continuing pollution of the Pigeon River.  Always emphasizing our inevitable relationship with our surroundings, Frome relates the story of the Great Smoky Mountains with respect and affection for the region, its people, and their history.

Michael Frome (1920–2016) ranks among the foremost American authors on travel and conservation.  His interests are closely associated with national parks, national forests, and natural beauty in the United States and other countries.  He was a columnist and correspondent for major newspapers and magazines and a university lecturer.  He also authored Conscience of a Conservationist: Selected Essays.