Quiet Places

The Burial Sites of Civil War Generals in Tennessee

  • Author(s): Author Buckner Hughes, Author Nathaniel B. Hughes
  • Series:
  • Imprint: East Tenn Historical Society
  • Publication Date: 2001-06-13
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“The authors’ efforts to document the final resting places of heroes reflect the very ancient and basic human and cultural need to justify our past and ourselves.”-John McGlone, editor, Journal of Confederate History

This book examines the lives and final resting place of sixty-three Civil War generals, representing both the Union and the Confederacy, who are buried in the Volunteer State. The authors provide a portrait and biographical sketch of each officer, followed by a photograph of the grave site and detailed instructions about where to locate the graves. About half of the generals included in this work are buried in the major cemeteries of Memphis and Nashville. Others are buried in plots scattered around the state.

Quiet Places is an invaluable companion for travelers and Civil War enthusiasts who want to learn more about the personalities, both well-known and obscure, who served in America’s bloodiest conflict.