Divided Loyalties

Fort Sanders And The Civil War In East Tennessee

  • Author(s): Author Digby Seymour
  • Series:
  • Imprint: East Tenn Historical Society
  • Publication Date: 2002-12-02
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The East Tennessee Historical Society presents Digby Gordon Seymour’s popular and powerful story of the Civil War in East Tennessee in a newly illustrated edition. Divided Loyalties details the often overlooked but strategically vital East Tennessee campaign of 1863 and the climactic battle of Fort Sanders, a fierce, twenty-minute assault that secured East Tennessee for the Union and set the stage for the war’s final phase. But Divided Loyalties is also the story of East Tennessee’s “war within a war,” a conflict marked by violence, retribution, and bitterness that destroyed communities, pitted neighbor against neighbor, and tore families apart. Seymour brings these stories together in a forceful narrative based on his extensive research in both official and personal records.

The Author: Digby Gordon Seymour, an amateur historian, graduated from the University of Tennessee and the University of Wisconsin Medical School. He lives in Knoxville.