Millerism and Millenarianism in the Nineteenth Century

  • Author(s): Numbers, Ronald L., and Jonathan M. Butler, eds.
  • Series:
  • Imprint: Univ Tennessee Press
  • Publication Date: 1993-10-15
  • Status: Active
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“These generally well-researched historical essays elaborate on themes about this disappointed movement that survived to promote Adventism, sabbatarianism, and good health. . . . The authors demonstrate the relevance of their ‘marginal’ subjects to central cultures in America, most notably by not straining to do that demonstrating but by coming up with good research and generally compelling essays.”
—Martin E. Marty, Journal of Religion

“…this volume is must reading for anyone even remotely interested in American religious history in general or Millerite and early Adventist history in particular. It does not have the encyclopedic coverage of a treatise, but it never was intended to. And encyclopedic works, while often cited, are rarely read. This volume can be and ought to be read in a single sitting. No other volume says what this one says in the space it has to say it in.”
—David Pendleton, Adventist Heritage