A Bibliography of Tennessee History, 1973-1996

  • Author(s): Dickinson, Calvin W., and Eloise R. Hitchcock, eds.
  • Series:
  • Imprint: Univ Tennessee Press
  • Publication Date: 1999-06-16
  • Status: Active
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With some 6,000 entries, A Bibliography of Tennessee History will prove to be an invaluable resource for anyone—students, historians, librarians, genealogists—engaged in researching Tennessee’s rich and colorful past. A sequel to Sam B. Smith’s invaluable 1973 work, Tennessee History: A Bibliography, this book follows a similar format and includes published books and essays, as well as many unpublished theses and dissertations, that have become available during the intervening years.

The volume begins with sections on Reference, Natural History, and Native Americans. Its divisions then follow the major periods of the state’s history: Before Statehood, State Development, Civil War, Late Nineteenth Century, Early Twentieth Century, and Late Twentieth Century. Sections on Literature and County Histories round out the book. Included is a helpful subject index that points the reader to particular persons, places, incidents, or topics. Substantial sections in this index highlight women’s history and African American history, two areas in which scholarship has proliferated during the past two decades.

The history of entertainment in Tennessee is also well represented in this volume, including, for example, hundreds of citations for writings about Elvis Presley and for works that treat Nashville and Memphis as major show business centers. The Literature section, meanwhile, includes citations for fiction and poetry relating to Tennessee history as well as for critical works about Tennessee writers.

Throughout, the editors have strived to achieve a balance between comprehensive coverage and the need to be selective. The result is a volume that will benefit researchers for years to come.

The Editors: W. Calvin Dickinson is professor of history at Tennessee Technological University.

Eloise R. Hitchcock is head reference librarian at the University of the South.