Art of Tennessee

  • Author(s): Author For Visual Arts Frist Center
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  • Imprint: Frist Center for Visual Arts
  • Publication Date: 2003-10-23
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Surveying the history of aesthetic expressions from the earliest Native American populations to the most significant artists of our own times, the Art of Tennessee exhibit, running from September 13, 2003,  through January 18, 2004, at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, includes approximately 250 of the most extraordinary examples of paintings, sculptures, furniture, quilts, pottery, silver, maps, and other forms of art created throughout Tennessee or that relate to Tennessee.

Contributors to the exhibition catalog: Chase Rynd, Ben Caldwell, Robert Hicks, Mark Scala, Jefferson Chapman, Wendell Garrett, Ann Wells, Jonathan Fairbanks, Tracey Parks, Rick Warwick, Samuel Smith, Steven Rogers, Elizabeth Ramsey, Candace Adelson, Jim Hoobler, Estill Curtis Pennington, James Kelly, Marsha Mullin, Dan Pomeroy, Jack Becker, Celia Walker, John Wood, Michael Hall, Leslie King-Hammond, Susan Knowles, Amy Kirschke, and Lynn Ennis.