Appalachian Echoes


Dr. J.G.M. Ramsey; Autobiography and Letters

Ramsey, Dr. J. G. M.


Fool's Parade

Grubb, Davis


Hawk's Nest

A Novel

Skidmore, Hubert


King of the Moonshiners

Lewis R. Redmond in Fact and Fiction

Stewart, Bruce, ed.


Life as It Is

Or Matters and Things in General

Breazeale, J. W. M.


The Appalachian Frontier

America's First Surge Westward

Caruso, John Anthony


The Galax Gatherers

The Gospel among the Highlanders

Guerrant, Edward O.


The Making of an American

The Autobiography of a Hungarian Immigrant, Appalachian Entrepreneur, and OSS Officer

Himler, Martin edited by Cathy Cassady Corbin


The Rending of Virginia

A History

Hall, Granville Davisson


The Road

Ehle, John


Their Ancient Grudge

Kroll, Harry Harrison


Well-Nigh Reconstructed

A Political Novel

Matthews, Brinsely and Paul D. Yandle, editor


William G. Brownlow

Fighting Parson of the Southern Highlands

Coulter, E. Murton