Encyclopedia of Appalachia
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Foreword, William Ferris
An Appreciation, Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Guide for Readers

Section I
The Landscape


Section Editors: Don W. Byerly, University of Tennessee  
John J. Renton, West Virginia University


Section Editor: George Constantz, Canaan Valley Institute  


Section Editors: Donald E. Davis, Dalton State College
Kevin E. O’Donnell, East Tennessee State University
Section II
The People

Family and Community

Section Editors: Shirley L. Stewart Burns, West Virginia University
Shaunna L. Scott, University of Kentucky
Deborah J. Thompson, University of Kentucky
Images and Icons
Section Editor: George Brosi, Berea Kentucky     
Race, Ethnicity, and Identity
Section Editor: Roberta M. Campbell, University of Cincinnati  
Settlement and Migration
Section Editor: Sheila R. Phipps, Appalachian State University  
Urban Appalachian Experience
Section Editors: Michael E. Maloney, Michael Maloney and Associates
Phillip J. Obermiller, Cincinnati, Ohio

Section III
Work and the Economy


Section Editors: Michael Best, Berea, Kentucky
Curtis W. Wood, Western Carolina University

Business, Industry, and Technology

Section Editors: Michael E. Birdwell, Tennessee Technological University
Jack Hurst, Lancaster, Tennessee   

Section Editors: John C. Hennen, Morehead State University  
Ronald L. Lewis, West Virginia University


Section Editor: Benita J. Howell, University of Tennessee      


Section Editors: Mark L. Burton, Marshall University; Richard V. Hatcher,
Marshall University; Thomas Maraffa, Youngstown State University

Section IV
Cultural Traditions


Section Editor: Carroll Van West, Middle Tennessee State University


Section Editor: Kathleen Curtis Wilson, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Folklore and Folklife

Section Editor: Mary Hufford, University of Pennsylvania

Food and Cooking

Section Editor: Mark F. Sohn, Pikeville College


Section Editor: Loyal Jones, Berea, Kentucky


Section Editors: Michael Montgomery, University of South Carolina


Section Editors: Grace Toney Edwards, Radford University
Theresa Lloyd, East Tennessee State University


Section Editor: Ted Olson, East Tennessee State University
Performing Arts

Section Editor: Robert H. Leonard, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Section Editor: Howard Dorgan, Appalachian State University, Emeritus

Sports and Recreation

Section Editors: C. Robert Barnett, Marshall University
Michele Schiavone, Marshall University

Visual Arts

Section Editor: M. Anna Fariello, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Section V

Cultural Institutions

Section Editor: Beverly B. Patterson, North Carolina Folklife Institute

Section Editors: Alan J. DeYoung, University of Kentucky
Michele Glover, Western Carolina University
Mary Jean Ronan Herzog, Western Carolina University


Section Editor: Gordon B. McKinney, Berea College


Section Editors: Gary L. Burkett, East Tennessee State University
Richard P. Mulcahy, University of Pittsburgh at Titusville
Pamela M. Zahorik, East Tennessee State University

Section Editors: Anthony Harkins, Western Kentucky University
Katherine E. Ledford, Gardner-Webb University
Douglas Reichert Powell, Columbia College Chicago