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In the News: Voices from the Nueva Frontera

"Voices from the Nueva Frontera: Latino Immigration in Dalton, Georgia," combines a historical impact study and an oral history of Hispanic immigrants living in the mill town and surrounding areas. It is being published this week the University of Tennessee Press." —Excerpt from The Chattanooga ...

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What Was, Is, and Will Be Southern Literature?

SOUTHERN LITERATURE AS WE KNOW IT TODAY—and who does not know it?—caught the imagination of the nation in the 1920’s with the Southern Renaissance, led by the young gentlemen poets, the Fugitives, at Vanderbilt University ...

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Home for the Holidays in Appalachia

Thirteen states between (and including) parts of New York and Mississippi constitute the enigmatic Appalachian region—home to the beautiful mountain system that shares its name. It is a region that has produced some of the most talented writers, gifted artisans, and richest lore in the world. The University of Tennessee Press is pleased to be ...

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