Andrews, Eliza Frances | Journal of a Georgia Woman, 1870–1872Journal of a Georgia Woman, 1870–1872

Journal of a Georgia Woman, 1870–1872

Andrews, Eliza Frances

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“This is a well-written diary by a fascinating woman. Not only is it one of relatively few published diaries written by southern women during the Reconstruction era, it is a particularly engaging and thought-provoking document.” —Jane Turner Censer, author of The Reconstruction of White Southern Womanhood, 1865–1895

“An important document, capturing part of the massive social transformation made possible by the defeat of the Confederacy. . . . Andrews is a fine, witty observer, and these journal entries are quite polished.” —ISIS

Eliza Frances “Fanny” Andrews (1840–1931) was born into southern aristocracy in Washington, Georgia. Intelligent, sharp-witted, and a skilled observer, Andrews was an exceptional woman who went on to become a journalist, writer, teacher, and world-renowned botanist. In 1870, as Andrews was working on her first novel, she embarked on a visit to wealthy “Yankee kin” in Newark, New Jersey. The trip had a profound effect on her life, as she was astonished by the contrasts between North and South. This previously unpublished segment of Andrews’s writings begins with her New Jersey sojourn and ends with her mother’s death in 1872.

This follow up to Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864–1865 is remarkable for the light it sheds on the social and economic transformations of the Reconstruction era, particularly as they were perceived and experienced by a southern woman.

S. Kittrell Rushing is head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.

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