Cromley, Elizabeth Collins, and Carter L. Hudgins, eds. | Gender, Class, and ShelterGender, Class, and Shelter

Gender, Class, and Shelter

Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, V

Cromley, Elizabeth Collins, and Carter L. Hudgins, eds.

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Featuring eighteen essays by scholars in the fields of folklore, architectural history, urban history, preservation, archaeology, and geography, this new volume in a pathbreaking series reveals how fruitful a multidisciplinary approach can be in the analysis and understanding of the built environment.

The contributors tackle a variety of building types and interpretive issues within the broad themes of gender, economic and social institutions, ethnicity and race, popular culture, and rural and urban geographies. Topics range from the settlement of the Shenandoah Valley in the eighteenth century to the development of North American Chinatowns in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The buildings analyzed are similarly diverse: from large public buildings, such as meeting houses and churches, to more temporary structures, such as those erected to house California farm laborers during the 1930s.

Taken as a whole, the essays reflect many of the new developments in the study of vernacular architecture. Traditionally, scholars in the field focused rather narrowly on the structures and landscapes produced by "folk" builders—artisans who learned and passed their skills from one generation to another. As the essays in this book clearly demonstrate, however, there is increasing interest in the architecture of this century, in the role played by gender in the creation and furnishing of spaces, and in the use of new methodologies for interpreting urban building forms and neighborhoods.

The Editors: Elizabeth Collins Cromley is professor of architecture at the State University of New York, Buffalo. She is the author of Alone Together: A History of New York's Early Apartments, which won the 1992 Abbott Lowell Cummings Award.

Carter L. Hudgins is executive director of the Historic Charleston Foundation. Previously he was the director of the Center for Historic Preservation at Mary Washington College.

Contributors: Annmarie Adams, Susan Mulchahey Chase, Elizabeth Collins Cromley, Susan Garfinkel, Bernard L. Herman, Greg Hise, Warren R. Hofstra, Deryck W. Holdsworth, Carter L. Hudgins, Jan Jennings, Karen Koegler, Peter E. Kurtze, Angel Kwolek-Folland, William D. Moore, Diane Shaw, Pamela H. Simpson, Abigail A. Van Slyck, John Michael Vlach, Michael Ann Williams, Christopher L. Yip, M. Jane Young

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