Zall, P. M., ed. | Mark Twain LaughingMark Twain Laughing

Mark Twain Laughing

Humorous Anecdotes by and about Samuel L. Clemens

Zall, P. M., ed.

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These funny stories that Twain used professionally or reserved for close friends progress chronologically from old-fashioned belly-laughs to polished wit. They reflect a shift in national taste, as America turned from an aural to a visual popular culture.

Funny stories that Twain used professionally or reserved for close friends.

"A wonderfully funny and valuable collection...."
--Nineteenth- Century Fiction.

"The volume offers entertainment and to some extent reveals Twain's evolving approach to humor...."

"This collection, along with Zall's commentary, make for a fine, amusing and revealing sampling of America's unique raconteur. The gem of America's traditional humor glistens in this important collection."

"...a sparkling collection of anecdotes by and about Mark Twain...."

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