Norton, Herman A. | Religion in Tennessee, 1777–1945Religion in Tennessee, 1777–1945

Religion in Tennessee, 1777–1945

Norton, Herman A.

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From the establishment of the first Presbyterian congregation in 1777 to the beginning of the “New Age” in 1945, religion has played an important role in the development of Tennessee’s society and culture. Following the Presbyterians’ early activities, the Baptists and Methodists soon formed churches in the Tennessee frontier, but even with three denominations hard at work, participation was minimal. Not until the mid-nineteenth century did religion begin to grow, primarily a consequence of the Western revival that developed in middle Tennessee and eventually spread across the state. Several new denominations emerged as a result of this revival and the formation of religion brought the emergence of religious journalism and the beginnings of book publishing. Herman Norton in Religion in Tennessee focuses on the development of the main denominations of Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Judaism. He follows the broad development of organized religion through the uncertain times of the Civil War and reconstruction to the twentieth-century “liberal-fundamentalist” controversy enhanced by the publicity of the Scopes trial.

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