Neverdon-Morton, Cynthia | Afro-American Women of the South and the Advancement of the Race, 1895–1925Afro-American Women of the South and the Advancement of the Race, 1895–1925

Afro-American Women of the South and the Advancement of the Race, 1895–1925

Neverdon-Morton, Cynthia

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Through a detailed examination of black clubwomen's activities in five states, the author reveals the origins of female networks with national importance during the Progressive era and beyond.

"What a welcome publication! Until now, no scholar has examined the massive contribution of black women's clubs to public life in America."
--Karen J. Blair, author of The Clubwoman as Feminist.

"In this unique, perceptive, and meticulously researched volume, Neverdon-Morton alters and deepens our understanding of the intellectual lives and work of early twentieth century southern black women. This study enables us to see more clearly southern black women as critical agents for community uplift and social change during a period of tremendous inter-racial turmoil and heightened group tensions surrounding new gender role and class formulations. Scholars, students, and the general public will learn much from this significant addition to the emerging scholarship in Black Women's history."
--Darlene Clark Hine, Michigan State University.

"[The author] has put together the outlines of a story never before told of the work of black women in the South, and set the stage for a vast amount of research waiting to be done."
--Anne Firor Scott, Duke University

" . . . an important pioneering study of black women in the South in the years 1895-1925. . . . a detailed examination of the contributions of black women in building social welfare and educational institutions for Afro-Americans in Baltimore and other southern cities."
—John R. Wennerstein, Maryland Historical Magazine

". . . encompasses a massive subject. . . . She has opened the way for others to follow by providing us with a broad picture of the field. Future studies can build on her work."
—Mary E. Frederickson, Georgia Historical Quarterly

". . . a wealth of information concerning the role of black women during a period of accomodation in the South."
—Maxine D. Jones, Florida Historical Quarterly

"Within its well-defined area, this book stands along, and it is a fine introduction to an important aspect of Afro-American history."

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