Montell, William Lynwood | The Saga of Coe RidgeThe Saga of Coe Ridge

The Saga of Coe Ridge

A Study in Oral History

Montell, William Lynwood

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Few black groups in the United States carry with them the romance, the gripping history, the pathos, the indestructible spirit of the Coe Ridge colony during the ninety years of its existence.

". . . a new and long needed departure in American historiography. . . . This is in every way an impressive book. It contains detailed accounts of the informants, tables of folklore motifs, genealogical charts, a prologue and epilogue explaining authoritatively the hypotheses of oral traditional history, and handsome photographs of the Coe Ridge area."
--Richard M. Dorson, Journal of American History.

"Lynwood Montell has written an invaluable book for all those interested in the use of oral tradition as a tool in the reconstruction of history. . . . This is a book worthy of being on any folklorist's shelf."
--Richaed A. Reuss, Journal of American Folklore.

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