Lofaro, Michael A., and Joe Cummings, eds. | Crockett at Two HundredCrockett at Two Hundred

Crockett at Two Hundred

New Perspectives on the Man and the Myth

Lofaro, Michael A., and Joe Cummings, eds.

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The true story of Davy's death, the tall tales of his shemale sidekicks, and Crockett's influence on Tennessee politics and on nineteenth-century music are just a few of the issues examined in this book of essays that transform the myth into popular reality.

"Crockett at Two Hundred is a sparkling collection, as engaging as the legendary character it celebrates. Each essay makes a distinctive contribution, the result being a book that should please as well as inform many readers."
--Everett Emerson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"This collection has the right mixture of solid, fresh facts and lively color because it respects both the historical and legendary Crocketts. And Michael Lofaro has grown into a deadeye tracker of Crockett texts and scholarship."
--Louis J. Budd, Duke University

"This collection of original essays by major scholars marks an advance in the study of David Crockett and of American culture. New information and new insights abound in these essays about an archetypal American--the mythic, humorous, and finally heroic David Crockett."
--J. A. Leo Lemay, University of Delaware

"Ten delightful essays on the various incarnations of David or Davy Crockett, the product of a conference held in 1986 to commemorate the bicentennial of his death (under disputed circumstances) at the Alamo. The contributors' learned yet lighthearted speculations are supplemented with an excellent Crockett bibliography."
—American Studies International

Essays by Walter Blair, Joe Cummings, Richard Boyd Hauck, Paul Andrew Hutton, William Eric Jamborsky, Dan Kilgore, Michael A. Lofaro, Michael Montgomery, John Seelye, Miles Tanenbaum, and Charles Wolfe.

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