Gwin, Minrose C. | The Feminine and FaulknerThe Feminine and Faulkner

The Feminine and Faulkner

Reading (Beyond) Sexual Difference

Gwin, Minrose C.

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"Gwin's feminist, poststructuralist, and language-based readings of The Sound and the Futy, Absalom, Absalom! and The Wild Palmsmay well be as important a contribution to Faulkner studies as was John Irwin's Doubling and Incestfifteen years ago. . . . Much of the value of Gwin's reading is that her strategies can be applied to texts other than these three, so the reader continues to benefit with each novel studied independently."
—Modern Fiction Studies

"This is a provocative approach towards narratology as inextricably bound to gender issues."
—Studies in Humanities

"The lengthy bibliography and notes are designed for the sophisticated scholar interested in pursuing the relationship of Faulkner's art to the ideas of feminist critics rather than the novice seeking background on the novelist."
—N. M. Tischler, Choice

"Reading these Faulkner novels 'beyond' the strict demarcations of sexual difference, Gwin gives us a way of reading Faulkner that leads to a totally new conception and interpretation of his art. Her contribution to feminist and narrative theory is also original . . . . Futhermore, with some modifications, her theoretical contributions suggest new ways of reading Faulkner that are equally applicable to many great writers. Written not as traditional critical analysis but as a conversation with Faulkner's texts, Gwin's book is engaging and playful. Such wit and playfulness are a rare and welcome treat. The Feminine and Faulkner is one of the most challenging interpretations of this novelist to be published since John Irwin's equally gound-breaking but very different Doubling and Incest/Repetition and Revenge: A Speculative Reading of Faulkner (1975). There is really nothing comparable."
—Judith L. Sensibar, American Literature

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