Courtwright, David T., Herman Joseph, and Don Des Jarlais | Addicts Who SurvivedAddicts Who Survived

Addicts Who Survived

An Oral History of Narcotic Use in America before 1965

Courtwright, David T., Herman Joseph, and Don Des Jarlais

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ISBN: 1572339373
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In Addicts Who Survived authors employ the techniques of oral history to penetrate the nether world of the drug user, offering an engrossing portrait of life in the drug subculture during the "classic" era of strict narcotic control.

Praise for the hardcover edition of Addicts Who Survived:

"A momentous book which I feel is destined to become a classic in the category of scholarly narcotic books." —Claude Brown, author of the bestseller, Manchild in the Promised Land

"The drug literature is filled with the stereotyped opinions of non-addicted, middle-class pundits who have had little direct contact with addicts. These stories are reality." —Vincent P. Dole, M.D., The Rockefeller Institute

"What was it like to be a narcotic addict during the Anslinger era? No book will probably ever appear that gives a better picture than this one. . . . a singularly readable and informative work on a subject ordinarily buried in clichés and stereotypes." —Donald W. Goodwin, Journal of the American Medical Association

"This study has much to say to a general audience, as well as those involved in drug control."—Publishers Weekly

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