Scenes from Tennessee Living

Four fabulous gifts for the adventurer, Civil War buff, or anyone who appreciates Appalachian history and culture!

Clabough The Warrior’s Path: Reflections along an Ancient Route
Casey Clabough

Casey Clabough hiked more than five hundred miles of the Warrior’s Path from Maryland to Tennessee. This story of Clabough’s journey is also a meditation upon the extraordinary people and events that have populated the thoroughfare over the course of several centuries. Clabough conjures and evokes countless historical images: from sketches of the grand French-Indian and Revolutionary struggles to the hardscrabble circumstances of his own Appalachian ancestors.

Spruill Winter Lightening: A Guide to the Battle of Stones River
Matt Spruill and Lee Spruill

A sequential series of twenty-one “stops” through the Stones River battlefield over the exact routes used by both Union and Confederate armies, with details on key points. The guide divides the battle into three segments: the west flank, the center, and the east flank.

Bales Natural Histories: Stories from the Tennessee Valley
Stephen Lyn Bales / Foreword by Sam Venable
Outdoor Tennessee Series

What pivotal role did the hedge plant Osage orange played in a key Civil War battle? Why was the tiny snail darter fish involved in a political firestorm? Lyn Bales illuminates in surprising ways the complicated and often vexed relationships between humans and their natural-world neighbors in Natural Histories.

Abramson The Encyclopedia of Appalachia
Edited by Rudy Abramson and Jean Haskell

Thousands have given this rich, one-stop resource about Appalachia a home on their bookshelf. Is it on yours?

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