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Get Your Jook On!

Listen to the Podcast Jook Right On Blues Stories and Blues Storytellers Barry Lee Pearson “Pearson has collected a gold mine of compelling tales, organized them with convincing logic, and introduced them with the kind of penetrating insight and professional modesty that any blues scholar might do well to emulate. ...

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What Are You Reading, Knoxville? Tell us!

"CRASH COURSE by Chris Whittle. It is an interesting look at public education in America from a unique perspective." -Bill Haslam Mayor Knoxville, TN "ADAM WHERE ARE YOU? by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu. Dr. Kunjufu takes a hard look at why most black ...

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Cleaning America's Air: Progress and Challenges

“Somewhere along these last decades global warming has become not just a potentially significant problem—now it’s showing up in the real world. Glaciers all over the world are melting. Within 15 years there will be no snows of Kilimanjaro. . . . . The same thing is happening in ...

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